Saturday, 22 November 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (14)

Again some syndications came up in which I found some importance to bring into today’s post. The following four syndications are really the proofs of the change happening in our universe. I would like to start with the first syndication which is the
evolution of shrimps appearing in the north west of the UK; I am sure that this is just the beginning for shrimps to cover most of the seas and the oceans, the shrimps development is hidden in the change of the chemicals present in the seas and in the oceans, and also the increasing of temperature of water day after day.

The second syndication is the failure of data transmission by satellites; this syndication is a serious one because it has a meaning in itself, this meaning is the widening in the earth's orbit. Also satellites fail to transmit data to earth because of the change in the formation of chemicals in the atmosphere due to the interaction of the submitted quarks and alpha particles.

The third syndication is lakes’ effects; lakes evaporate because their water is warm and when the high speed of cold wind passing on them in a rotational way, the result is piles of snow on the borders of lakes. I think that this phenomenon will stay with us for the rest of life, the picture below is showing the lakes’ effects.

The fourth and the last syndication is the air mixing around the whole planet; this new phenomenon is caused by the giants’ depressions appearing everywhere. This situation leads to a total confusion of all living organisms, and it is one of the important elements to provoke decomposition. The picture below is showing the mix of cold air and hot air

My promise is to return in the future with new syndications. I am still not seeing my blog shared in social networks and media; I think that the world didn’t got me yet.    

NB: Pictures from
2-    BBC
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