Friday, 27 September 2013

Higgs Boson Sub Utility

I-                   Introduction

After what we have seen about Higgs boson electromagnetism, it is wise to talk about Higgs Boson mechanism. Its understood that Higgs boson is an accumulator, that’s why a further definitions are necessary. My experiment shown on Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) Phases is a perfect sub utility of Higgs boson. The mechanism I am talking about is highly understood and comes with coordination to Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) Phases explained in earlier posts. I always insisted that «Rugosa Corals» are able to do the same work as Higgs boson; they represent two faces to the same coin. So what is important to indicate is: how Higgs boson mechanism works?

II-                Definitions

1-     Higgs Boson Systematics: Systhematism is a word synchronised to excavate the origin of a subject, in Higgs boson case we can say that the origin is unbearable and consistent.

2-     Higgs Boson Synchronisation: Synchronising Higgs boson in nature is something impossible but there is always a way to resolve a problem; in this case by using «Rugosa Corals» the synchronisation becomes easy and manageable.

3-     Higgs Boson Conservation: Its Higgs Boson constitution preserved, and ready to make contact with any particle. All Higgs boson components are conserved to infinity. Here as well I have to say that Higgs boson is still in nature somewhere, and its surely possible that Higgs boson found it’s place within the «Rugosa Corals».

4-     Higgs Boson Meaning: Higgs boson is a boson not like other bosons; it has special qualities; one of them is «Mass Donner» means it is an energy producer.

5-     Higgs Boson Anti-Integration: Its a situation of Higgs boson mechanics working in a positive manner; means the two Positive Poles eject magnetism instead of absorbing it.

6-     Higgs Boson Sandwich: It is a complex mechanism in which the two kind of Poles (Positive and Negative) meet.

7- Higgs Boson Harmonium: Is a coaxial symphony under Higgs boson mouth, it’s role is to aspire and inspire all kind of particles; these particles pass through it to meet the rest of Higgs boson components where the «Mass Donation» happens.

8- Higgs Boson Sign Indication: The whole system is Higgs boson sign indication; the universe itself is a sign indication, but do we know how it became so? My answer is simply no.

9- Higgs Boson Subtlety: A subtlety situation is an investigation done by the experimental to clarify an obscure area of research, in our case Higgs boson was the subject for a long time. I do believe that I covered the deepest and the unknown information in « Higgs Boson Discovered » post and it wasn’t a joke; consequently the great news appeared to the world almost one year later by CERN; to say that Higgs boson exists only.

10- Higgs Boson Philosophy: This philosophy is to build and to develop all what is around Higgs boson and to put all in harmony.

11- Higgs Boson Totality: Totality is an expression used in particle physics for the first time and means less or equal to infinity (≤), it is also the measurement of the total particles forming an isolated system; it is represented by the sign (To ≤ + ∞).

12- Higgs Boson Sinusoidal Wave: is a perfect sound wave built on (1+1) wave; this last is harmonised and synchronised.

III- Conclusion: 

Again it is easy to understand what Higgs boson mechanism is about; it is the trick of «Mass Donation». After all, rest to you to say your opinion about what it has been explained in this blog. My explanation is real, and further investigations are needed.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Higgs Boson Stimulation (C)

I- Introduction

     Conditions are simultaneously breaking the way through darkness and constantly a new vision to Higgs boson behaviour is produced. A new conception is particularly in need to be clarified; classifying ideas is important to make the difference between Higgs Boson fields. In this post I would like to introduce you to a magical area of particle physics which is electromagnetism. It is important to know that in some conditions electromagnetism is the whole story of our existence, this is done by Higgs boson secrecy and management.

II- Definitions

         1- Higgs Boson Conclusion: It is the depth constructed during the conception made by the conceptual, also in this time all components surely are under one vision; in consequence my contraception to all what it has been said is only a result of a simple imagination. By the way a mansion is always built under these conditions.

2- Higgs Boson Station: Stations are six poles (2 positives, 2 negatives and 2 neutrals). The electromagnetic field is the whole sum of what its inside the isolated system. Stations are constantly moving and making moving all what is around them as well. Electrons and positrons are always in an increasing number causing inflation that makes stations further distant, also electromagnetism linked them together and stations represent the central points as pivots.

3- Higgs Boson Professionalism: Higgs boson profession is to give mass to other particles through electromagnetism; this process occurs simply by  dividing a particle to a particle and an anti particle without loosing any energy and vice versa to the infinity; this is shown in the figure bellow.

4- Higgs Boson Abaccheloess: Abaccheloess are particles made of quarks, majorana fermions and glue balls, and they represent the end of magnetism; their total is equal to FERN resolution which is 1080.

5- Higgs Boson Occasions: Are principally based on Higgs boson stimulation; because without this; Higgs boson can't show its performance. We have seen many of Higgs boson occasions during Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) experiments; these occasions are the first in history and they should be taken seriously.

6- Higgs Boson Astronomy: Once we look at the astronomical side we can understand that many buildings are separated and all of them are attached to Higgs boson through a strong magnetism; between the buildings there are empty spaces made of all kind of Heliums (Alpha Particles).

7- Higgs Boson Creations: I mean by creations the totality of all components created through Higgs Boson contact and most of them are particles and anti-particles, some of them are bosons.

8- Higgs Boson Integration: Integrating Higgs boson is always between plus two and main less two (+2, -2); this is explained as follow: inside Higgs boson there are four arrows directed to the center; these arrows are made of positively and negatively charged grains, physically these grains are made of vitamin (C) and (D).

9- Higgs Boson Constitution: Is the assembly of elements inside Higgs boson, and these elements are as follow: Vitamin (C), Vitamin(D), Chromosome (A), Chromosome (D), Metal (S), Black Sulphur, Indian Green Powder( DNS), and Harmonium.

I- Conclusion

Through definitions we found that Higgs boson electromagnetism field was covered; now the rest is to know how Higgs boson mechanism works? This topic will be explained in future posts.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Higgs Boson Stimulation (B)

I- Introduction

After all what it has been said in the last post “Higgs Boson Stimulation (A)” the subject is still in need to be clarified. In this post we will see how Higgs boson interacts with bosons after it’s reproduction, also it’s interactions with the rest of particles. My imagination took me to an extraordinary dimension of apprehension well managed and godly stratified. Please don't be surprised once you read the definitions below; as someone has to come in time to bring this information to you. Countably the metaphysical pressure created by Higgs boson is only one of many factors to understand Higgs boson dilemma. Thank you.

II- Definitions

1- Higgs Boson Identification: Identifying Higgs boson is a must; complementing the rest of tools, this is done during my experiment on the “Rugosa Corals “.

2- Higgs Boson Solution: A Solution is the complementary syllabus to understand the whole system. It could be also the last brick of system building; that means that any built system has a solution made by Higgs boson.

3- Higgs Boson Manufacturing: Seemly a simple interaction propagating bosons and particles. By traduction to this interaction a very deep manufacturing is causal than preparatory.

4- Higgs Boson Resolution: A resolution is a perfect image done by Higgs boson manufacturing; by consequence the image is built through the interaction of Higgs boson with bosons and other particles. The resolution was explained by Einstein in the theory of relativity “E=MC2”; from this theory we understand that the resolution is stable due to the speed of light, and also due Higgs boson manufacturing occurring in a very high speed achieving the speed of light.

5- Higgs Boson Mansions: A mansion is a rubrical cooperative based inside each quark; the total of quarks is a subordinate indicating the methodology followed by Higgs boson mansions. Here also a theocracy is important to manage the whole isolated system.   

6- Higgs Boson Indication: There are so many indications showing Higgs boson existence; some of them are proved by CERN and others are shown during my experiment on the “Rugosa Corals” in Bose Einstein Condensate system “BECs Phases” explained in earlier posts.

7- Higgs Boson Inauguration: By implementing their satisfaction the whole world is convinced that Higgs boson exists. The inauguration is something pushed instead of impassioned; the meaning here is about complication and is not about simplicity, as long as Higgs boson manufacturing is a step forward.

8- Higgs Boson Inspection: An inspection is an accomplishment done by Higgs boson in order to beat all the manufactured bosons and other particles against each other; by doing so the system reaches its equilibrium and becomes stable.

9- Higgs Boson Concordia: A concordia is similarly to an optical congestion built on Higgs boson traduction. By it’s wings there are (72) quarks and anti-quarks as shown in the graph bellow.

10- Higgs Boson Management: Managing Higgs Boson is an extraordinary view; as long as the “Rugosa Corals” are in our possession, the daring performance under special conditions is the only exitance to understand Higgs boson in full. I still believe that managing Higgs boson is in our hands, but transferring this information to reality is the obstacle which I am living every day. Through the different posts in this Blog; I showed that I am capable to manage all the information concerning Higgs boson.

11- Higgs Boson Canalisation: Canalisation is the way found by Higgs boson to build mansions; this way is made by coronation.

12- Higgs Boson Determination: Is a strong interaction managed by Higgs boson, but in the quarks model the interaction becomes weak.

13- Higgs Boson Secrecy: Secrecy is a conjunction adhesive simultaneously precocious. For sure no one can ignore Higgs boson secrecy.

14- Higgs Boson Topness: We can describe Higgs boson topness as a subordinate element to all quarks, in some conditions topness becomes conjunctive and hydrate, for example these conditions are built in the mansions’ superconductivity.

15- Higgs Boson Imagination: Imagining Higgs boson is a complete irrigation to particle physics; also the importance of the subject obliges an explication to ordinary people.

16- Higgs Boson Correctness: Correctness is about how correct all what it has been said in this Blog; linking majorana fermions and glue balls to Higgs boson is an absolute superb result, also once we look at the huge quantity of sulphur accumulated during Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) experiment is the right answer to know about dark matter.

17- Higgs Boson Incident: It represents the whole system inside the macaroni and to justify this we should exercise an experiment on the “Rugosa Corals”.

18- Higgs Boson Macintosh: Is a superb technique to manage all quarks under one rule which is “Correctness”.

19- Higgs Boson Incorporation: Is a mixture of quarks to form electrons, this mixture is made by Higgs boson incorporation.

20- Higgs Boson Restness: Is a total abstraction of Higgs boson aspect, in order to achieve restness Higgs boson has to exhaust all neutrinos and anti neutrinos.

21- Higgs Boson Rightness: I do believe that all what it has been said about Higgs boson in this Blog is right; now rest to the interested Universities in the subject to contact me in order to show their support to my experiment and to repeat it again.

III- Conclusion

Briefly and simultaneously most area of Higgs boson subject are covered but the mathematical side is still in need to be clarified and searched.