Friday, 27 September 2013

Higgs Boson Sub Utility

I-                   Introduction

After what we have seen about Higgs boson electromagnetism, it is wise to talk about Higgs Boson mechanism. Its understood that Higgs boson is an accumulator, that’s why a further definitions are necessary. My experiment shown on Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) Phases is a perfect sub utility of Higgs boson. The mechanism I am talking about is highly understood and comes with coordination to Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) Phases explained in earlier posts. I always insisted that «Rugosa Corals» are able to do the same work as Higgs boson; they represent two faces to the same coin. So what is important to indicate is: how Higgs boson mechanism works?

II-                Definitions

1-     Higgs Boson Systematics: Systhematism is a word synchronised to excavate the origin of a subject, in Higgs boson case we can say that the origin is unbearable and consistent.

2-     Higgs Boson Synchronisation: Synchronising Higgs boson in nature is something impossible but there is always a way to resolve a problem; in this case by using «Rugosa Corals» the synchronisation becomes easy and manageable.

3-     Higgs Boson Conservation: Its Higgs Boson constitution preserved, and ready to make contact with any particle. All Higgs boson components are conserved to infinity. Here as well I have to say that Higgs boson is still in nature somewhere, and its surely possible that Higgs boson found it’s place within the «Rugosa Corals».

4-     Higgs Boson Meaning: Higgs boson is a boson not like other bosons; it has special qualities; one of them is «Mass Donner» means it is an energy producer.

5-     Higgs Boson Anti-Integration: Its a situation of Higgs boson mechanics working in a positive manner; means the two Positive Poles eject magnetism instead of absorbing it.

6-     Higgs Boson Sandwich: It is a complex mechanism in which the two kind of Poles (Positive and Negative) meet.

7- Higgs Boson Harmonium: Is a coaxial symphony under Higgs boson mouth, it’s role is to aspire and inspire all kind of particles; these particles pass through it to meet the rest of Higgs boson components where the «Mass Donation» happens.

8- Higgs Boson Sign Indication: The whole system is Higgs boson sign indication; the universe itself is a sign indication, but do we know how it became so? My answer is simply no.

9- Higgs Boson Subtlety: A subtlety situation is an investigation done by the experimental to clarify an obscure area of research, in our case Higgs boson was the subject for a long time. I do believe that I covered the deepest and the unknown information in « Higgs Boson Discovered » post and it wasn’t a joke; consequently the great news appeared to the world almost one year later by CERN; to say that Higgs boson exists only.

10- Higgs Boson Philosophy: This philosophy is to build and to develop all what is around Higgs boson and to put all in harmony.

11- Higgs Boson Totality: Totality is an expression used in particle physics for the first time and means less or equal to infinity (≤), it is also the measurement of the total particles forming an isolated system; it is represented by the sign (To ≤ + ∞).

12- Higgs Boson Sinusoidal Wave: is a perfect sound wave built on (1+1) wave; this last is harmonised and synchronised.

III- Conclusion: 

Again it is easy to understand what Higgs boson mechanism is about; it is the trick of «Mass Donation». After all, rest to you to say your opinion about what it has been explained in this blog. My explanation is real, and further investigations are needed.

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