Thursday, 3 October 2013

Higgs Boson Soustraction (1)


A Soustraction is our subject in this post, I think once we investigate the dark matter we realize that traces of Higgs boson are there; this was proved by Peter Higgs and by CERN during the last forty years. But the strange thing is the equality of the probabilities of the existence and the nonexistence of Higgs boson. My suggestion is real and practical to prove how Higgs boson soustrates itself from any system. As usual I will define expressions to achieve our aim of the subject.

II- Definitions

1- Higgs Boson Traditional Compositions: They are all means used by researchers before 2011; these means are: (USD, NSD, WTY, NNS, NMS, WMT, and WSM).

2- Higgs Boson Division Neurotical Submission (DNS): This is a suggested expression to explain how Higgs boson soustraction occurs; there are (28) cables divided in (2) to form a diamond shape, these cables are made of silicon and they turn around an axe in a very high speed, their division happens each time a particle is in contact with Higgs Boson, at this level soustraction happens.

3- Higgs Boson Indication: Is a soustraction and a diminution of DNS Coaxial cables; indication means a division of the coaxial cables by (2) to participate in the energy transfer to produce a particle and an anti particle, the diminution is at a syndromic level but not at the energy one.

4- Higgs Boson Neurotical System Division (NSD): Is a theorem explaining a subatomic criteria; its divided without loosing any energy; automatically the number of particles is doubled and so on, this causes inflation.

5- Higgs Boson Submission Wave Transition (SWT): Is a movement of vibration made by the NSD before division.

6- Higgs Boson Wave Submission Mobility (WSM): Is a contradictory kind of waves to the coaxial cable, they are meant to be transmissible.

7- Higgs Boson Neutral Neurotical Submission (NNS): is a submission of (DNS) coaxial cables in an empty space and they are conserved and preserved from any contact with the outside world.

8- Higgs Boson Neurotical Mobility Submission (NMS): Is the division of the coaxial cables in order to submit energy to any particle in contact with Higgs Boson.

9- Higgs Boson Wave Mobility Transition (WMT): Is the (WMS) transition; this transition occurs at the (NSD) level coaxial cables which double their volume to divide and sort out the (NMS).

10- Higgs Boson Wave Transition Yields (WTY): The wave transition is yielded by a huge beam of light; this causes breaks in waves.

III- Conclusion:

I think that I covered a small part of Higgs Boson physical constitution which is (DNS); This Constitution is still in need to be known.

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