Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Higgs Boson Continuation

I- Introduction

Higgs Boson is always in continuation, this is the subject of our post. The biggest mistake in history is ordering to build CERN. No rush to judge what I am saying as I will tell you why in the lines bellow. My suggestion is to immigrate to the USA and leave CERN for life. As the Media is not always in my side; it is better to cooperate than ignoring the rest of the world, also completing the Standard Model doesn't need a huge machine because inside any particle there are just Quarks. As we have seen in the suggested super symmetry that Quarks are the dreadful elements which should be taken in consideration.

II- Definitions

1- Higgs Boson Asylum: It is the coordination between two of Higgs Boson components; this coordination is always done under the soustraction subtitles.
2- Higgs Boson Corporation: Is the statistical difference made by Higgs Boson accumulation, this corporation is always the result undertaken manually to be presented as a super product.

3- Higgs Boson Inhalation: Is a complex wave management by Higgs Boson; they are acoustic waves beaten against Higgs Boson components in the Charge Parity Transfer.

4- Higgs Boson Exponential Integrals: We have seen in earlier posts that Higgs Boson has (15) exponential Integrals, all of them are between (+2) and (-2), the significance of these integrals is much more unbearable and codable, the answer to them is simply indefinite.
5- Higgs Boson Dunction: Is an exceptional word to differentiate it from the word function. In Higgs Boson case the elements are unlimited that's why I prefer to call it “Dunction”. I think mathematicians have to sort it out; how to suggest a form of a dunction?

6- Higgs Boson Consideration: Considering Higgs Boson as a sunder is the right way of thinking about how “Majorana Fermions and Glue Balls” are syntaxable exist.

7-Higgs Boson Incarnation: Is the conception of all components made by Higgs Boson to insurrect; this is done through the imagination of how Higgs Boson became a “Rugosa Coral”, and to emphasize this conception we should look at “De Broglie’s” theories again “Particle Wave Like”.

8- Higgs Boson Stuplication: Is a network designed by Higgs Boson to organize particles' movement inside it; this network has to be appraisal and manageable.

9- Higgs Boson Dignation: is a speculative accommodation of information realized in order to influence the trend.

10- Higgs Boson Sunder: Is the soustraction manipulated by a composition homogeneous of four particles.

11- Higgs Boson Madisons: They are mansions built inside Higgs Boson like a harbor to protect it from: heat, light, all kind of strong waves, Gamma rays and any particularly from of any other danger.

12-Higgs Boson Spirals: They are improved due Higgs Boson inhalation; they are made of silicon and related to each other through nodes.

III- Conclusion

After all what it has been said; its important to take in consideration what I have explained.
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