Monday, 30 April 2012

Bio Nuclear Energy Production

My Project is to produce Bio Nuclear Energy by elevating Rugosa corals.
It is possible to generate nuclear energy during the process of Rugosa corals elevation as they have the ability to produce Plutonium, Helium and Barium, these three chemical elements were produced during my experiments. Other chemical elements are possible to produce as well.

Radio activity

1- Radioactive isotopes are the result of the alignment of ( Chromosome, nanophonon and the Antiparticle) this happen during the light scattering.

2- Radioactivity is the result of the decay of alpha, beta and gamma particles to produce a nanoparticle.

3- Radioactivity is created due the instability of the nuclei of the produced nanoparticle.

4- Racdioactivity is the result of the separation of the phonon and the decay of it's nuclei.

5- Radioactivity accordingly is the result of the rugosa corals polymer behavior; as it becomes Boson in some extreme conditions. the supposed boson is Higgs boson incarnation within the rugosa corals.

The formula to produce Bio-nuclear energy

Rugosa coral chromosome + Phonon + Antiparticale = Nanoparticle.

The following links are my explanation to Higgs boson and it's relation with the rugosa corals:

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New Formula to produce Helium3, Plutonium 260 and Plutonium 274

New formula to produce Helium3

Seawater + Sand + Rugosa Corals = Helium3 + Plutonium 260 + Plutonium 274
H2O + Magnesium + Higgs boson = He3 + Pu 260 + Pu 274

H2O + Mg + H0 = He3 + Pu 260 + Pu 274

The production of  Helium3, Plutonium 260 and Plutonium 274 are so important to resolve many problems in the world, for example by using Helium3;  Nuclear fusion reactors provide a highly efficient nuclear power with no waste and no radiation. Plutonium 260 and plutonium 274 can be used to treat cancer.

Not only known Helium will be produced but unknown ones as well will be produced such Helium 11, Helium ve.  

I think that the best place to know about helium is by visiting the link below
Then you will have a good idea why my formula is important to be invested.