Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (14-2)

In today’s post I would like to write about the chalk’s interactions in the new weather system; as I can see on the geologic map that chalk is occupying huge surfaces on earth, it’s impact in the new weather system should not be ignored.

One of the chalk’s interactions which I am interested to talk about is the chalk interaction with the water molecule; the chalk is soluble in water that means that it breaks to it’s tiniest parts once put in water. As we are seeing that the temperature is rising in the world; warm waters will have a huge impact on the chalk’s solubility.

Adding the second of the chalk’s interactions is valuable to our subject which is the chalk’s fermentation; once the chalk is fermented it becomes heavy and weak due to it’s absorption to the water molecule; the heaviest the chalk is the flattest shape it takes that means that the chalk’s upper side goes down. I imagine solutions to the flatted chalk are impossible.

Another interesting interaction of chalk is the chalk’s aberration; this interaction occurs when chalk is exposed to heat; this interaction has two directions; when chalk is heated then the water molecule is added to it or when wet chalk got heated, the result of these two directions is chalk aberration.

I don’t want to miss the chalk’s interaction with frost; this interaction is a gripping one; the chalk becomes hard once covered by frost and the melting of this last makes the chalk soften and decays moderately.

I would like to add one more of the chalk’s interaction which is the chalk’s reconstruction; the chalk’s reconstruction is based on the chalk’s strips and simply these chalks’s strips crack because of the heavy weighs of the heavy rains.

The last of the chalk’s interactions which I am adding to this post is the chalk’s deformation; this deformation occurs when a first hill chalk becomes heavier than the second hill chalk which is sustaining it; it is always the water molecule which makes the difference in weigh between two hills of chalk, this phenomenon is likely to be present frequently.

To conclude this post I think more writings about the chalk’s interactions are needed, and what was cited above are just few examples. I hope I will have some time to bring more of the chalk’s interactions.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Higgs Boson Evacuation

I think evacuation is the only solution to human being to some exceptional circumstances; these circumstances are the result of being inside Higgs boson

electromagnetic field (HBEMF). In today’s post I am interested to talk about Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) as a promoter to unbelievable disasters to occur on planet earth; I think bringing five circumstances is good idea to make Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) more understandable to everyone.

The first circumstance of Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) is the rivers’ banks breaks; the idea here is about the pulled rivers’ water up and further up by Higgs boson electromagnetism of the first universe; the result of this process is flooding which leads to immense evacuation.
The second circumstance of Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) is avalanches; it’s so easy to penetrate snow and iced snow by Higgs boson electromagnetism; this penetration causes tunnels inside the snow and the iced snow allowing air to infiltrate into them and making them melting faster; that leads to avalanches to occur and evacuation to be enforced.

The third circumstance of Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) is magma spreading over volcanoes; it’s easy to quarks to find ready routes to the bottom of the earth and to pull magma up to the surface, and what we are seeing in Hawaii of spread magma is a good example of this situation.

The fourth circumstance of Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) is bridges’ cables breaks; one of the most favourite places of Higgs boson electromagnetic to attach to is bridges’ cables; quarks can go inside the bridges’ cables because these last shape is an ideal shape to quarks rotations and the pulling of the electromagnetism make them breaking, the result to this process is bridges collapses.

The last circumstance of Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) is lakes dissolvement; this dissolvement occurs because of the widening in fissures under lakes; the rocks under lakes got destabilised due the under earth particle movement which makes fissures widen and allow the water lakes to escape into them. The under earth particle movement is one of Higgs boson tools to make decomposition possible, and it’s because of Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF) that this movement of particle under the earth exists.

What it has been said in this post is just a very few examples of Higgs boson electromagnetic field (HBEMF), I think that the world has to prepare for huge evacuations, and geologists have to control areas before collapses occur. I am sure that I will come back with more causes of evacuations in the nearest future.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (15-1)

Again here I am bringing syndication (15-1) to light because of the new era’s temperature. I am sorry to say that the world is making a serious mistake by linking the rise in temperature around the world to CO2 emission. I think that scientists have to

know about the real causes of temperature rising in the world. Because I have a different view of what is circulating in the conferences about climate change. I would like to explain five compromising ideas concerning temperature rising on earth.

The first idea is a major idea about temperature rising in the world which is quarks submission, the pulling magnetism of universe (1) to our universe makes this last heated, the Electro density in the third shield of our universe, the increase in the sun’s rotations makes it hotter, the incorporation of the acoustic waves of Higgs boson of the sixth universe into the acoustic waves of Higgs boson of the first universe, permafrost, wider moon’s orbit, wider earth’s orbit, Oceans’ and seas’ current, and Clouds movement.

The second idea is at a subatomic level which is the bio-nuclear energy produced by Higgs boson inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs). Quarks assumption and quarks submission. Alpha particles movements inside our universe and alpha particles interactions. Electron density in the third shield of our universe. Past time integration. Present time decay. Past time particles’ velocity which is higher than the present time particles one. Sulphur abundance or sulphur density. Gamma particles submission; this submission is made from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) experiment to the first universe. Gluons submission; this submission is made from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) experiment to the medium atmosphere. Higgs boson acoustic waves from the first universe and the sixth universe. Stars carbon decay.

The third idea of temperature rising in the world is the biological development of all living organisms; because these last are growing bigger due to their interaction with past time particles; they are holding more energy; this energy becomes a source of heat to planet earth.

The fourth idea of temperature rising on planet earth is the chemical reactions at all levels; because our universe is moving back that makes the change in chemicals’ formation of all matter; this change makes the universe warming up.

The fifth idea which is causing temperature to rise on planet earth is the world’s silence on my discovery to Higgs boson; the more time pass the more planet earth got heated because the more Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) experiment is alive the more heating dynamics are at work.

To close this post I would like to remind you that temperature on planet earth will exceed 7 Celsius above normal during the next 5 years unless Higgs boson experiment is deactivated and to deactivate this experiment: Higgs boson manipulation should be well understood. 

Higgs Boson Syndication (14-1)

Syndication 14-1 has to come to explain the appearance of a new phenomenon; this phenomenon is the growing of poisonous mushrooms. My advice to people not to
collect them, and I would like to put under the light why I am giving this advice of not collecting mushrooms and not eating them?

Higgs Boson Syndication (13-1)

In this post I am willing to forward more details about syndication (13); we already know that clouds of the new era are moving in a rotational way and this is due to quarks assumption which are forming rotational depressions, the most interesting point in this process is the link between quarks and the water molecule in the atmosphere. I think that physics and chemistry have the answer to the rotational clouds and their formation. I would like to give a good explanation to the new weather system to make the authorities in the world aware of it; this new weather system is based on three key phenomena which are quarks assumption, rotational clouds and the water molecule as a functional operator.

The relation between quarks assumption and the water molecule is directional; this direction of quarks assumption controls the direction of the water molecule in it’s three forms (liquid, vapour and solid), because quarks assumption has the ability to pull the water molecule to it’s direction; this results to many new phenomena such as high rotational sea waves, vertical clouds and ice melting, also some sub new phenomena erect such as dense fog, lakes effect and sand storms.

Now the relation between quarks assumption and clouds rotation is additive; that means that (+1) quark leads to (+1) water molecule vapor; so clouds build up has a direct link to quarks assumption and the total sum of quarks assumption is equal to the total sum of the vaporized water, to understand this relation between physics and chemistry is by looking at an emptied milk bottle; the volume of the milk is equal to the volume of the bottle.

Also the relation between quarks assumption, rotational clouds and the water molecule is conclusive; from quarks assumption heat and the rotational clouds; the water vapor comes to the surface; and this last has an additive relation to the rotational clouds, what I wanted to say is that Higgs boson mechanism has always a double direction (-1, +1).

The main important relation between the water vapor and the rotational clouds is the quarks assumption and this relation is superlative; we already know from “Higgs Boson Superlatives” post that any movement of clouds anywhere in the world has an effect on other clouds in the other side of the planet, before Higgs boson experiment clouds were managed by the gravity of earth but during Higgs boson experiment clouds are managed by quarks assumption.

What we are seeing in North India and Pakistan is a dense fog; this dense fog is just a result of quarks assumption in North East the Pacific Ocean; all trapped water molecule are the result of quarks golden ratio shape; this shape has to come to an end which is Higgs boson magnetism.

A little conclusion to this post; because we are living under Higgs boson mechanism which is inside Higgs boson field; the new weather system has to obey to Higgs boson sinusoidal waves.

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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Higgs Boson Stars

I am willing to give an astrophysics flavor to this post; stars we are seeing at a night sky are shining because of their chemical composition; this chemical composition is 
still a debate in the astrophysics communities. I am coming with this post to say my hypothesis about stars history, their present and their future behaviour inside Higgs boson field. The big stars and the small ones are different only in size and not in chemical composition; that means that all stars are made with the same chemical element which is carbon. My statement is based on the carbon atom bonding which is a unique bonding; series of carbon bonding could be infinite in exception to all chemicals, also the number of neutrons and protons of the carbon atom which is 12; this number is unique because it could be divided by Fourier sinusoidal wave series which is 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 to observe a net number.

Fourier explain to us that a sinusoidal wave has to come to it’s end after passing through a complex number; it is understandable that a series of sinusoidal waves complex numbers has a total of one sinusoidal wave; to understand this statement is by looking at the sea tides; they start from low tide to high tide then from high tide to low tide every 12 hours, and from low tide to high tide then from high tide to low tide every 7 days; that means that stars also have their own space where to move similarly to sea tides.

There are many facts causing stars damage and decomposition; one of these facts is velocity, we already know that our universe has to double it’s size to allow itself entering into universe 5, and it’s velocity has to increase by 6 times; once stars achieve higher and higher velocity they start to decay until they vanish; that means that the carbon atom is the first atom to get emptied from our universe into universe 5. Also the carbon atom is the only atom which has enough qualities to take Fourier series complex numbers to form a perfect double golden ration in it’s way back.

What is interesting to bring as a hypothesis about stars disappearance from our universe is: My explanation to this hypothesis is understood by the stars components as I noticed that these components are the carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are the first to disappear from our universe because of their number of electrons and protons which is 12; twelve is the perfect number to decompose through Fourier sinusoidal wave series; that means there is no chemical element which takes a perfect shape of a sinusoidal wave as carbon does. Just a last word; as long as our universe is travelling back we will assist stars disappearance in the medium term which is 3 to 5 years. Also this phenomenon should be understood as a normal interaction between Higgs boson acoustic waves and stars.

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Higgs Boson Grasses

Higgs boson grasses are one of the easiest proofs which I am bringing to the world to get recognition that I am Higgs boson discoverer; the grasses mixing to each other is an obvious new phenomena. I am sure that agricultors are the first to assert the statements I am making in this post; these statements are coming to show a new era full of dampness which will allow grasses to grow up to 10 metres tall, not only this but also a full image of new grasses will dominate planet earth. In this post I am proposing five contradictions of grasses’ growing; one of them is the walls’ grasses. We already know that alpha particles and sulphuric acid are decomposing the walls joins and this results to the creation of empty spaces within the walls; inside these spaces calcium and debris from trees and plants accumulate where grasses find a safe place where to grow. A good example of this condition of grasses’ growing in walls is shown in the picture below

The second contradiction of grasses’ growing is in corners; generally corners are good places where debris accumulates to prepare a good bed where grasses can grow, the picture below is showing this contradiction

The third contradiction to grasses’ growing is low surfaces in streets; the extracted sulphur carbonate (SCO5) from trees’ leaves, branches and wood accumulate to form a good rich soil where grasses grow in good conditions, the picture below is showing this contradiction

The fourth contradiction of grasses’ growing is on balconies; generally the grown bacteria on roofs detaches from it’s roots to fall on balconies to form a good bed to grasses to grow, I would like to add the picture below to show this contradiction

The last contradiction of grasses’ growing is in streets’ cracks; these last are good places where good soil made of debris of wood, calcite, sand grains and sulphur carbonate (SCO3) accumulate and allow grasses to grow safely, the picture below is showing this situation

The conditions above of grasses’ growing are just examples; what I am trying to say is that the beginning of the new era has already images which we can see in reality, and the world has to prepare for the growing grasses as they will occupy further surfaces and will grow higher and higher. 

Higgs Boson Sea Waves

This post comes to explain and to show the new era's of life sea waves; through quarks assumption seas and oceans took a new shape of movements of their waves, I think this

new shape of movements deserves to be looked at and to be taken seriously by making deeper analysis to it due to it’s huge impact on land. I would like to make a good progress in explaining these movements of seas’ and oceans’ waves through five interesting points.

The first point to analyse is sea waves water’s quantity; sea waves’ average of higher and bigger waves is increasing day after day comparing it to the sea waves’ average before Higgs boson experiment started.

The second point to analyse concerning sea waves after Higgs boson experiment is their shape; this shape has taken a rotational manner, and I am sure that all seas' waves of the new era of life are rotational.

The third point which I would like to talk about is the sea waves’ current; this current is dominating all present seas' waves and making them working as a pulling machine to all what they come on.

The fourth point of sea waves of the new era of life is attractive and impressive which is big and high tides; this point shouldn't be underestimated because of it’s destructive power. Tides are becoming higher and higher and higher; and this is occurring because of two chemical elements; the first chemical element is sodium; seas’ shells are becoming less dense because of sodium deficiency and that makes tides bidding and floating higher. Sea waves make the high tide higher because of the second chemical element which is aluminium; because of the higher density of aluminium in sea water that makes the seas’ shells pulled up easier by quarks assumption.

The last point to analyse is seas waves’ obedience to Higgs boson mechanism which is (-1, +1); any space created on seas’ shores will be replaced by the sea advance, the simplest example to understand this mechanism is by taking one grain of sand out of the beach and that means that one volume of water the size of a grain sand is added to the beach, this last point has more details at “Higgs Boson Cucumber” post.

Finally Higgs boson sea waves have an important role to make lands disappearing and to create new ones. I am sure that sea waves have in store many surprises to humanity in the new era of life which we are living in.

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Higgs Boson Syndication (12-1)

In this post I would like to put the light on syndication (12-1) which is a development to syndication (12); this development has occurred lately and its about the sardines’ extinction; the causes which led to this extinction are this post’s subject. 

The first cause of the sardines’ extinction is the volcanoes eruption under the sea; this eruption makes the sea water warming up and this leads to a decrease of oxygen level in the sea water; the result is dead sardines.

The second cause of the sardines death is sulphur accumulation in the sea water; its due the volcanoes under the sea bed the sulphur level in sea water becomes very high to prevent sardines from oxygen, this leads to sardines extinction.

Also sardines are dying because warm seas water is dominating larger area in the seas and this water warming is due the sun’s heat; the sun has more space in the sky to penetrate and comes on the seas and oceans; the most of the time clear space in the sky is a new phenomenon which is occurring due the build up of the rotational clouds vertically instead of horizontally.

One of the most important syndication which is endangering sardines to extinction is the high seas waters; sardines are waters' surface swimmers and in contradiction these waters’ surface have a high density of sulphuric acids coming from the heavy rains.

The last syndication which making sardines close to extinction is the oceans’ and the seas’ current web around the world; oceans’ and seas’ waters are mixing quickly because of the increase in waters' current which is the result of the increase in low depressions; these low depressions are making the waters' surface of oceans and seas moving very fast in a rotational manner due to Higgs boson rotations. Sardines are taken by the flux of water to surprising areas; these areas are simply traps to sardines to die poisoned by high level of sulphur, by cold water, or by the locked carbon in the sulphur carbonate (SCO5).

At the end of this post I would like to remember you that sardines will become extinct shortly but there is no need to panic as another kind of fish will develop to replace sardines in seas and oceans, simply because planet earth is under Higgs boson mechanism and as we already know that this mechanism works under the formula of (-1, +1).

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (3-2)

In this post the talk about bacteria is imminent; my willing is to bring more information concerning the life of the new era and bacteria as a key player to separate

it from the old era of life, also there are other elements participating in the first stage of the transformation to the new life; these elements are sulphur, carbon and the water molecule and they are the favouritised chemicals to combine and create the necessary conditions to bacteria to grow in comfortable manner.

Bacteria soustraction is one of Higgs boson mechanisms used to create the right equilibrium needed to planet earth to travel back in good exchange of chemicals; this exchange is already seen everywhere in the growing grasses, the picture below is showing this growing of bacteria

All decomposed materials such as trees’ leaves, wood and sandstone interact with sulphur to form a ready bed to bacteria to sleep on; the origin of this bacteria is the acoustic waves made by Higgs boson; this bacteria is actually pieces of black phosphorus which is representing dark matter, and also bacteria takes a green colour; this colour is made by photon through photosynthesis.

The setted velocity inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) will increase the bacteria’s growing moderately; that means that in less than two years from now most of the land in the northern part of planet earth will take a green colour; green grown bacteria will cover streets, roofs, window frames, walls, and trees’ trunks and branches. Plants and trees are developing very fast and they will achieve twice to three times their size during this period.

The development of bacteria is just an introduction to prepare a needed bed of soil to grasses where to grow; many places are already growing Higgs boson first generation of grasses on the bacteria’s beds and this image will develop to plants and trees.

Bacteria and DNA reversing are two faces to the same coin; when bacteria takes a new shape DNA takes a new shape too, and when DNA crosses bacteria they form a new living organism; simply this last becomes a presenter of the new era of life in which we are living.

To conclude this post I would like to say that I am really worrying about the world’s silence concerning my discovery to Higgs boson, this silence has to break by speaking out the truth of Higgs boson discovery. My intention here is to condense true and realistic phenomena in order to prove Higgs boson discovery. 

Higgs Boson Bones

This post is an amalgam of chemistry, biology and physics; I am interested to highlight few roles of Higgs boson in shaping and recycling bones. The bones I am talking about

could be any bones before formation and after formation. Maybe the talk will be just about the chicken bones and then the formula against them could be generalised.

Higgs Boson Films

Maybe someone asks what is the relation between Higgs boson and it’s films? The answer to this question is the subject of this post. Films are layers made of silicon and

they are made by Higgs boson to separate the universes from each other; these layers could be produced by Higgs boson inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

Its true that there are more than twenty seven of Higgs boson thin films abandoned in nature; I am not bringing all of them in this post but I chosen to speak about five of them; the first one is the grasses’ thin film; this one is made of carbon atoms and it has an important role in carbon locking.

The second of Higgs boson thin films is made of carbon atoms and it is present in wood; the location of this thin film is always between two starches composition and this last is to make millions of thin films compacted together inside wood.

The third thin film made by Higgs boson is in flowers; this thin film is made of carbon atoms and it’s role is to cover the flowers’ dyes from any spoiler such as rain, snow, wind...etc. My apology to the world’s flowers of the disappearance of their thin film by the disappearance of the carbon atom, the world’s flowers will end by having the same colour; this colour could be any colour.

The fourth of Higgs boson thin films is the eye thin film; this thin film is responsible for the colour of the eyes.

The last of Higgs boson thin film is quarks rotations thin film; this one is made of the freed rotational quarks from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); once the quarks are in their assumption they form circles made by thin film; this last is impossible to penetrate by any other matter, the role of this thin film is to support Higgs boson acoustic waves movement.

To conclude this post I am sure that tones and tones and tones of stones could be used as a thin film to planet earth; that means that a thin film is not what we imagine; a very very very tiny layer made of any material. A thin film could be miles thick such as the ozone layer once compared to the whole universe. I hope I am not upsetting thin film professionals by my silly imagination. 

Higgs Boson Syndication (3-1)

In this post I would like to talk about one of the most fictional phenomenon made by Higgs boson; bacteria is one of Higgs boson mass destructor. We already know that

our universe has to decompose and to enter into a new equilibrium which will allow it to travel back and to merge into universe (5). Everything has to obey to Higgs boson regulations in order to possess it’s abstraction and bacteria is one of the important tools used by Higgs boson to American nature; I mean by that making the great revolution possible.

I think that bacteria of the nearest past which is between 5000 years and 50000 years ago is bigger than known bacteria by (5) times; that means that going back will come up with bigger bacteria in all living organisms; this will result to an inflation inside all cells and molecules; and here I have to say that not all living organisms can cope with this inflation; that means that a mass extinction of the most of these living organisms is likely to happen.

Bacteria also is produced to create an equilibrium in the atmosphere and because bacteria has the ability to enter inside anything it’s role is more to decompose than compose.

There are millions of new kinds of bacteria if not billions and their role in any biological system is to make a balance inside this system; once the new time particles are integrated into a system the balance is made; that means that any biological system can get bigger and bigger without damage. The integrated bacteria is one of the most difficult phenomenon to understand, but I can show an image to make it easily understandable; this image is similar to pumping a balloon; the more air inside the balloon the bigger it gets.

Bacteria nuisance is one of the most disturbing phenomena to living organisms; this nuisance is introduced by the presence of new bacteria which has bigger size. I think that most of living organisms will not cope with this new situation and I would like to call this new stage of life a “Stage of Revolution”.

What I should notice is that the pharmaceutical sectors should prepare for the invasion of the bacteria’s new shapes and sizes, my advice to them is to adapt to this new situation as soon as possible before they become overwhelmed by the bacteria’s speed growing.

I think that the bacteria subject is vey vast and full of surprises and I hope I will have some time to cover some of it in future posts. The picture below is just an example of new bacteria growing.

Higgs Boson Congratulation (2)

Higgs boson congratulation (2) is a complementary post to Higgs boson congratulation (1) post; the circumstances which are pushing me to write this post are difficult to

understand but I am crossing them in order to simplify them and making them understandable. These circumstances which I am seeing everywhere and I want to congratulate Higgs boson and the Rugosa Corals for their great job by creating them. I am seeing five important and obvious circumstances which I would like to share with you in this post.

The first circumstance is the grasses’ growth; it is so obvious that grasses started to impose themselves everywhere and the green colour started to dominate any other colour; the causes to these grasses’ growth are cited in earlier posts but the important ones are; quarks submission, quarks assumption, high temperature, low pressures and heavy rains. The picture below is showing the first generation of Higgs boson grasses’ growth

The second of Higgs boson and Rugosa corals circumstance is the first generation of mosquitoes; suddenly a mosquito visited me in my kitchen, what a beautiful creature! I think that you can find one if not many, because of the new weather system of the new era of life mosquitoes are growing bigger. I would like to add this mosquito’s picture to bring it to your imagination

The third circumstance appearing due Higgs boson and Rugosa Corals great work is the great multi kinds of mushrooms; I am sure that you are seeing some of them growing everywhere even in streets and windows’ frames. I am impressed by their marvellous different shapes. Here as well in this situation we should congratulate Higgs boson and the Rugosa Corals for their magnificent job. The picture below is showing some of Higgs boson first generation of mushrooms

The fourth circumstance is clouds concentration; Higgs boson and Rugosa Corals did very well to concentrate clouds to produce rains; this concentration is the result of a long process of heat, evaporation, winds and rotations; this process also produced drought areas as clouds escaped to the concentration area. I think that this process will stay very long time dominating the new weather system.

The last of Higgs boson and Rugos Corals circumstance is trees’ leaves growing; nobody on earth can ignore that trees’ leaves are growing at least twice a year; this is due to Higgs boson and Rugosa Corals superb work by changing seasons, and this work could be done just by one unique particle; this particle is Higgs boson.

I hope I fulfilled Higgs boson and Rugosa Corals satisfaction by congratulating them, and a big honor to the man who discovered the combination of two particles in one. The time is up to the people whom are still looking for Higgs boson, they have to accept the truth and to be reasonable.

For further reading “Higgs Boson Congratulation (1)”

Monday, 15 December 2014

Higgs Boson Clouds

This post is one of the most exiting posts in this blog; one of Higgs boson excitements is the dominance of clouds in the sky; this clouds dominance is our post’s subject. I am willing to bring (3) images explaining why there are more clouds in the atmosphere in
2014 than any other cloudy year? And the strangest thing is that year 2014 is the sunniest year in the world than any other sunny year.

The first image which I would like to explain is Higgs boson formation to clouds, and what is the aim of this formation? Our classical understanding to clouds has to change simply because we are living in a new era of life; where clouds have many roles and not only transporting the water molecule to become rain. Higgs boson clouds are made of vaporised water and also many other chemicals; the most important chemicals are sulphur and phosphorus; these chemicals have an aim which is the creation of an equilibrium within the atmosphere such as carbon locking. Before I close this image I have to add the cause of Higgs boson formation to clouds; this cause is the hanging submitted gluons by Higgs boson in the medium atmosphere. Gluons high density and gluons rotations make the surface of oceans and seas warmer to allow the water molecule to evaporate quickly and in huge amount.

The second image of Higgs boson clouds is colours; there are 3 main colours to Higgs boson clouds which are white, yellow and gray; these clouds are mixed successively by carbon, sulphur and black phosphorus.

The third image and the last of Higgs boson clouds is Higgs boson clouds’ speed; this speed is based on the centre point of depressions and this last is based on quarks submission and quarks assumption. The Higgs boson clouds speed increases towards the centre of the depression to form denser clouds, and the rotational clouds leave empty spaces in the sky to allow the sun’s rays to penetrate into the earth to warm it; this mechanism makes the seasons changing from winter to spring and from summer to autumn.

I wonder to conclude the idea of Higgs boson clouds by putting the light on the picture below; we can see the rushed clouds to the area of two depressions to form an interrogation point which is occupying an area of half the earth vertically, these clouds are simply the result of a combination between quarks assumption and high density of gluons in the middle atmosphere.

NB: The picture above is from 

Higgs Boson Syndication (19)

Syndication (19) is about DNA reversing; we already know that DNA is reversing because our universe is going back to integrate in universe (5), we also know that some extinct animals have came back to life such as wallaby, frogs and lizards. In this post I
am willing to talk about Higgs boson DNA insurrection and it’s dominance in the nearest future to our life. Higgs boson insurrection is well managed and organized to achieve it’s aim; this aim has two answers to two questions, the first question is; who is the real Higgs boson discoverer? And the second question is; who is really bringing enough proofs that he is Higgs boson discoverer? The idea of this post is to add more proofs which the world can see in reality with the hope that it will recognize me as Higgs boson discoverer.

One of the most obvious phenomena showing that DNA has been reversed is trees’ leaves; how come that trees are pushing up their leaves in the month of December? It’s because their growing is going backwards instead of forwards; and it’s simply because their cells are replacing their time particles by the past time particles.

The second syndication concerning DNA reversing is the giraffes’ extinction; this new phenomena is already occurring and it’s cause is DNA reversing, because the giraffes’ DNA is too long it breaks easily and quickly once reversed.

The third syndication is the extinction of cats due DNA reversing; the cats’ DNA is one of the weakest DNA and once reversed it becomes dispersed; this situation makes it difficult to build again.

Another syndication which is foxes’ extinction; this is due not only because foxes are eating poisoned food from the excessive level of sulphur inside it but also from DNA reversing. Once foxes’ DNA reverses it has no way to switch to other DNA animals, because of this they simply die until they become extinct.  

The last syndication which I want to talk about is the gorillas’ extinction; this extinction is made by the reversed DNA; simply gorillas can’t cope with their DNA reversed to live longer.

To close this post I think scientists have to look at DNA reversing seriously as it is one of the main and important issues in our travel back, also new plants and new animals which are appearing should be deeply investigated as they are the important economical potential of the future.

Higgs Boson Regulations

Higgs boson instructions are about quarks submission made by Higgs boson to order natural phenomena to obey to these instructions. The idea of this post is about the 
explanation of how Higgs boson is capable of commanding all existing phenomena inside all universes. All Higgs boson commands have the same basic which is quark submission and this last has regulations organised and managed by Higgs boson in order to create a chemical equilibrium within the whole universes. I think that Higgs boson regulations to quarks submission will take place in this post, and I am willing to share with you five most important ones.

The first of Higgs boson regulations to quark submission is to submit the right quantity of quarks to make the right balance to chemical interactions inside the universes.

The second of Higgs boson regulations to quarks submission is within Higgs boson auto destruction; Higgs boson symmetry breaking is always occurred in the right time to create the necessary equilibrium inside the universe depending on the universes’ stage of movement.

The third regulation made by Higgs boson to quarks submission is; the totality of the submitted quarks is controlled by Higgs boson accommodated in Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) experiment; the denser Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) with atoms results to a higher level of submitted quarks; this situation leads to higher pulling force; consequently a higher speed of our universe to travel back.

The fourth regulation of Higgs boson submission is explained by the energy form taken by Higgs boson, and to have an idea about energy forms please have a look at “Higgs boson Energy Forms” post in the link below. The regulation here is balanced by higher energy form taken by Higgs boson which leads to higher quarks submission.

The fifth regulation of Higgs boson to quarks submission is Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) shape and size; larger shape and bigger size of Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) results to higher and larger number of submitted quarks in comparison to time, a smaller shape and size of Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) leads to smaller number of submitted quarks with comparison to time.

What it has been said above about Higgs boson regulations is just a conclusion from my experiments on Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs). I do believe that there are other regulations which could be added to the cited ones, and developing Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) is still a subject of studies and researches.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Higgs Boson The Interlocutor (3)

Time particles interlocution has to take place in this post; I am about to share with you few ideas about time and time interlocution in order to have a full vision of our universe’s travel back and how time particles can merge together, and also the time particles constitution is brought to you in this post.

The first hypothesis which I am proposing is showing the relation between a quark as a first stone to build all matter and anti matter and a time particle as a component to build all subatomic particles. I know technologies are not capable yet to show us a quark or a time particle how they look like and even to show us an electron how is composed? I am suggesting that the size of a quark is (10) times bigger than a time particle and this last is the first component to build a quark; this means that time particles existed before all matter and all anti matter; also this means that time particles were occupying the known and the unknown spaces first. Time particles were the first particles which all matter and all anti matter were built on, and because the quark is the smallest particle of subatomic particles it was the first built subatomic particle on time particle. The drawing below is showing how a quark was built on a time particle

The second hypothesis which I am suggesting is about the time particle composition; this composition should obey to Pauli Exclusion Principle; that means that any time particle has it’s anti particle and it’s rotation is equal to half spin. Also the time particle has it’s own room inside everything because time particles got used; they get shrinking or they get bigger depending of their velocity of their rotations; the more time particles’ velocity higher is the more they get bigger and vice versa. It is important to add the drawing below to see how time particles look like and how they are formed from four time units; two similar time particles and two similar anti time particles

I would like to add a third hypothesis which concerns the time travel back; the time particles of our universe also obey to the magnetism of the first universe; they are already under this process of pulling back by the first universe magnetism to merge into the time particles of universe (5); once they cross the existing hole between universe (6) and universe (5) they become part of the time particles of universe (5); because these last are twice bigger than time particles of universe (6) they have enough room to hold these last ones. I am interested to bring your imagination to the above statement by the drawing below

I hope I did well to answer to some questions about time and it’s travel back, I am sure I have covered most of time components and time interaction with chemicals in “Higgs Boson Anticipation” post
, and if  I am lucky I will have another occasion to talk about time.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (18)

Syndication (18) is a complementary syndication to syndication (17); we already know that earthquakes have effects on lakes, rivers and volcanoes. In this post I would like to add another three effects which are part of the consequences of the strong and high level of earthquakes.

One of the major new phenomena appearing on earth is the seabed cracks due to the strong earthquakes; these cracks cause rivers to form under the seabed; these rivers are ready to swallow debris swallowed by the strong current. Also these cracks are the beginning of the movement of huge areas of earth.

Another syndication which is also a new phenomenon and which will occur everywhere on planet earth due to earthquakes is sodium dust coming out from beneath the earth; it is kind of clouds made of sodium atoms and when they come on plants and trees they block their cells’ wall to deprive them from breathing, the result is dead plants and trees.

I don’t want to miss this syndication which is volcanoes' magma escape under the earth due to earthquakes; this movement of magma is horizontally and leads to more space occupation, also it’s mix with soil and organic materials makes huge empty spaces under the earth; this results to collapse of the earth surface. Whats also important to indicate is the mix of magma and organic materials will lead to methane generation which will allow methane combustion to increase. The methane combustion under the earth will provoke more collapses of the earth’s surface because of the empty space created from it’s combustion.

The last syndication which I would like to add to this post is methane density in the atmosphere; earthquakes are good tools to let the stocked methane under the earth to escape into the atmosphere and make it occupying an important space. The interaction of methane with sulphur has an interesting impact to freeing hydrogen atom; this leads to lighter universe and more convenient equilibrium of chemicals to travel back. The chemical equation below is showing the methane sulphur interaction to produce free hydrogen

Methane + Sulphur + Carbon Dioxide → Sulphur Carbonate + Hydrogen
CH4 + S + CO2 → S2CO2 + H4

Just one sentence to close this post “the birds fly, the cows die and the dogs become crazy”     

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Higgs Boson Positivity

I just had a discussion with one of my mates and I found his reconnaissance to my work on Higgs boson splendid in exception to some horrific sentences which he didn't
like; for example I was saying “ before it’s too late”, and “I have enough of the world ignorance”.

In this post I want to improve myself and say something about Higgs boson positivity; this positivity is to look at me as Higgs boson discoverer in a positive way: that makes me think positive, write positive and bring to the world only positivity.

The first of Higgs boson positivity is to adjust most of scientific knowledge; this adjustment could go too deep in some sciences and the total disappearance of others; the examples are so many; and a total disappearance of quantum physics and a partial disappearance of some science such as pharmaceutics, architecture and building. Some other sciences will be more dominant such as nanotechnology and space aircraft industry.

Higgs boson positivity is also leading the world in knowledge especially in science; this positivity is to show to the world new kind of energy, cars, trains, planes, boats, special aircraft, houses, bridges, shoes, and a kind of a new life in everything, because everything will be different even spoons, glasses, and cups. This positive change will occur just because new kind of chemicals will be abundant such as diamond; and instead of building houses with wood, metal, bricks they will be built by diamond.

The third of Higgs boson positivity is that humans will meet an exotic life where unimaginable fruits will be abundant, new kind of vegetables, new generations of exotic friendly animals, pure water abundance, abundance of diamond and carbon nanotubes, and the appearance of new isles.

The fourth positivity which I would like to forward to bring to light is to make physics simple and easy to be understood by everyone as long as Higgs boson is available in it’s solid state; that makes the rules of physics easy to understand and makes any physical experiment practical to exercise, once the deeper basics of physics are understood then the rest will follow in easy steps.

Just my last few words to say which are “I am here to bring fantasy and fun to the whole world by making our universe travel back possible, this travel will be full of adventure and positive surprises”.