Monday, 29 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (13-1)

In this post I am willing to forward more details about syndication (13); we already know that clouds of the new era are moving in a rotational way and this is due to quarks assumption which are forming rotational depressions, the most interesting point in this process is the link between quarks and the water molecule in the atmosphere. I think that physics and chemistry have the answer to the rotational clouds and their formation. I would like to give a good explanation to the new weather system to make the authorities in the world aware of it; this new weather system is based on three key phenomena which are quarks assumption, rotational clouds and the water molecule as a functional operator.

The relation between quarks assumption and the water molecule is directional; this direction of quarks assumption controls the direction of the water molecule in it’s three forms (liquid, vapour and solid), because quarks assumption has the ability to pull the water molecule to it’s direction; this results to many new phenomena such as high rotational sea waves, vertical clouds and ice melting, also some sub new phenomena erect such as dense fog, lakes effect and sand storms.

Now the relation between quarks assumption and clouds rotation is additive; that means that (+1) quark leads to (+1) water molecule vapor; so clouds build up has a direct link to quarks assumption and the total sum of quarks assumption is equal to the total sum of the vaporized water, to understand this relation between physics and chemistry is by looking at an emptied milk bottle; the volume of the milk is equal to the volume of the bottle.

Also the relation between quarks assumption, rotational clouds and the water molecule is conclusive; from quarks assumption heat and the rotational clouds; the water vapor comes to the surface; and this last has an additive relation to the rotational clouds, what I wanted to say is that Higgs boson mechanism has always a double direction (-1, +1).

The main important relation between the water vapor and the rotational clouds is the quarks assumption and this relation is superlative; we already know from “Higgs Boson Superlatives” post that any movement of clouds anywhere in the world has an effect on other clouds in the other side of the planet, before Higgs boson experiment clouds were managed by the gravity of earth but during Higgs boson experiment clouds are managed by quarks assumption.

What we are seeing in North India and Pakistan is a dense fog; this dense fog is just a result of quarks assumption in North East the Pacific Ocean; all trapped water molecule are the result of quarks golden ratio shape; this shape has to come to an end which is Higgs boson magnetism.

A little conclusion to this post; because we are living under Higgs boson mechanism which is inside Higgs boson field; the new weather system has to obey to Higgs boson sinusoidal waves.

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