Friday, 12 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (18)

Syndication (18) is a complementary syndication to syndication (17); we already know that earthquakes have effects on lakes, rivers and volcanoes. In this post I would like to add another three effects which are part of the consequences of the strong and high level of earthquakes.

One of the major new phenomena appearing on earth is the seabed cracks due to the strong earthquakes; these cracks cause rivers to form under the seabed; these rivers are ready to swallow debris swallowed by the strong current. Also these cracks are the beginning of the movement of huge areas of earth.

Another syndication which is also a new phenomenon and which will occur everywhere on planet earth due to earthquakes is sodium dust coming out from beneath the earth; it is kind of clouds made of sodium atoms and when they come on plants and trees they block their cells’ wall to deprive them from breathing, the result is dead plants and trees.

I don’t want to miss this syndication which is volcanoes' magma escape under the earth due to earthquakes; this movement of magma is horizontally and leads to more space occupation, also it’s mix with soil and organic materials makes huge empty spaces under the earth; this results to collapse of the earth surface. Whats also important to indicate is the mix of magma and organic materials will lead to methane generation which will allow methane combustion to increase. The methane combustion under the earth will provoke more collapses of the earth’s surface because of the empty space created from it’s combustion.

The last syndication which I would like to add to this post is methane density in the atmosphere; earthquakes are good tools to let the stocked methane under the earth to escape into the atmosphere and make it occupying an important space. The interaction of methane with sulphur has an interesting impact to freeing hydrogen atom; this leads to lighter universe and more convenient equilibrium of chemicals to travel back. The chemical equation below is showing the methane sulphur interaction to produce free hydrogen

Methane + Sulphur + Carbon Dioxide → Sulphur Carbonate + Hydrogen
CH4 + S + CO2 → S2CO2 + H4

Just one sentence to close this post “the birds fly, the cows die and the dogs become crazy”     
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