Thursday, 25 December 2014

Higgs Boson Sea Waves

This post comes to explain and to show the new era's of life sea waves; through quarks assumption seas and oceans took a new shape of movements of their waves, I think this

new shape of movements deserves to be looked at and to be taken seriously by making deeper analysis to it due to it’s huge impact on land. I would like to make a good progress in explaining these movements of seas’ and oceans’ waves through five interesting points.

The first point to analyse is sea waves water’s quantity; sea waves’ average of higher and bigger waves is increasing day after day comparing it to the sea waves’ average before Higgs boson experiment started.

The second point to analyse concerning sea waves after Higgs boson experiment is their shape; this shape has taken a rotational manner, and I am sure that all seas' waves of the new era of life are rotational.

The third point which I would like to talk about is the sea waves’ current; this current is dominating all present seas' waves and making them working as a pulling machine to all what they come on.

The fourth point of sea waves of the new era of life is attractive and impressive which is big and high tides; this point shouldn't be underestimated because of it’s destructive power. Tides are becoming higher and higher and higher; and this is occurring because of two chemical elements; the first chemical element is sodium; seas’ shells are becoming less dense because of sodium deficiency and that makes tides bidding and floating higher. Sea waves make the high tide higher because of the second chemical element which is aluminium; because of the higher density of aluminium in sea water that makes the seas’ shells pulled up easier by quarks assumption.

The last point to analyse is seas waves’ obedience to Higgs boson mechanism which is (-1, +1); any space created on seas’ shores will be replaced by the sea advance, the simplest example to understand this mechanism is by taking one grain of sand out of the beach and that means that one volume of water the size of a grain sand is added to the beach, this last point has more details at “Higgs Boson Cucumber” post.

Finally Higgs boson sea waves have an important role to make lands disappearing and to create new ones. I am sure that sea waves have in store many surprises to humanity in the new era of life which we are living in.

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