Sunday, 21 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (3-1)

In this post I would like to talk about one of the most fictional phenomenon made by Higgs boson; bacteria is one of Higgs boson mass destructor. We already know that

our universe has to decompose and to enter into a new equilibrium which will allow it to travel back and to merge into universe (5). Everything has to obey to Higgs boson regulations in order to possess it’s abstraction and bacteria is one of the important tools used by Higgs boson to American nature; I mean by that making the great revolution possible.

I think that bacteria of the nearest past which is between 5000 years and 50000 years ago is bigger than known bacteria by (5) times; that means that going back will come up with bigger bacteria in all living organisms; this will result to an inflation inside all cells and molecules; and here I have to say that not all living organisms can cope with this inflation; that means that a mass extinction of the most of these living organisms is likely to happen.

Bacteria also is produced to create an equilibrium in the atmosphere and because bacteria has the ability to enter inside anything it’s role is more to decompose than compose.

There are millions of new kinds of bacteria if not billions and their role in any biological system is to make a balance inside this system; once the new time particles are integrated into a system the balance is made; that means that any biological system can get bigger and bigger without damage. The integrated bacteria is one of the most difficult phenomenon to understand, but I can show an image to make it easily understandable; this image is similar to pumping a balloon; the more air inside the balloon the bigger it gets.

Bacteria nuisance is one of the most disturbing phenomena to living organisms; this nuisance is introduced by the presence of new bacteria which has bigger size. I think that most of living organisms will not cope with this new situation and I would like to call this new stage of life a “Stage of Revolution”.

What I should notice is that the pharmaceutical sectors should prepare for the invasion of the bacteria’s new shapes and sizes, my advice to them is to adapt to this new situation as soon as possible before they become overwhelmed by the bacteria’s speed growing.

I think that the bacteria subject is vey vast and full of surprises and I hope I will have some time to cover some of it in future posts. The picture below is just an example of new bacteria growing.

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