Thursday, 25 December 2014

Higgs Boson Stars

I am willing to give an astrophysics flavor to this post; stars we are seeing at a night sky are shining because of their chemical composition; this chemical composition is 
still a debate in the astrophysics communities. I am coming with this post to say my hypothesis about stars history, their present and their future behaviour inside Higgs boson field. The big stars and the small ones are different only in size and not in chemical composition; that means that all stars are made with the same chemical element which is carbon. My statement is based on the carbon atom bonding which is a unique bonding; series of carbon bonding could be infinite in exception to all chemicals, also the number of neutrons and protons of the carbon atom which is 12; this number is unique because it could be divided by Fourier sinusoidal wave series which is 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 to observe a net number.

Fourier explain to us that a sinusoidal wave has to come to it’s end after passing through a complex number; it is understandable that a series of sinusoidal waves complex numbers has a total of one sinusoidal wave; to understand this statement is by looking at the sea tides; they start from low tide to high tide then from high tide to low tide every 12 hours, and from low tide to high tide then from high tide to low tide every 7 days; that means that stars also have their own space where to move similarly to sea tides.

There are many facts causing stars damage and decomposition; one of these facts is velocity, we already know that our universe has to double it’s size to allow itself entering into universe 5, and it’s velocity has to increase by 6 times; once stars achieve higher and higher velocity they start to decay until they vanish; that means that the carbon atom is the first atom to get emptied from our universe into universe 5. Also the carbon atom is the only atom which has enough qualities to take Fourier series complex numbers to form a perfect double golden ration in it’s way back.

What is interesting to bring as a hypothesis about stars disappearance from our universe is: My explanation to this hypothesis is understood by the stars components as I noticed that these components are the carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are the first to disappear from our universe because of their number of electrons and protons which is 12; twelve is the perfect number to decompose through Fourier sinusoidal wave series; that means there is no chemical element which takes a perfect shape of a sinusoidal wave as carbon does. Just a last word; as long as our universe is travelling back we will assist stars disappearance in the medium term which is 3 to 5 years. Also this phenomenon should be understood as a normal interaction between Higgs boson acoustic waves and stars.

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