Monday, 15 December 2014

Higgs Boson Clouds

This post is one of the most exiting posts in this blog; one of Higgs boson excitements is the dominance of clouds in the sky; this clouds dominance is our post’s subject. I am willing to bring (3) images explaining why there are more clouds in the atmosphere in
2014 than any other cloudy year? And the strangest thing is that year 2014 is the sunniest year in the world than any other sunny year.

The first image which I would like to explain is Higgs boson formation to clouds, and what is the aim of this formation? Our classical understanding to clouds has to change simply because we are living in a new era of life; where clouds have many roles and not only transporting the water molecule to become rain. Higgs boson clouds are made of vaporised water and also many other chemicals; the most important chemicals are sulphur and phosphorus; these chemicals have an aim which is the creation of an equilibrium within the atmosphere such as carbon locking. Before I close this image I have to add the cause of Higgs boson formation to clouds; this cause is the hanging submitted gluons by Higgs boson in the medium atmosphere. Gluons high density and gluons rotations make the surface of oceans and seas warmer to allow the water molecule to evaporate quickly and in huge amount.

The second image of Higgs boson clouds is colours; there are 3 main colours to Higgs boson clouds which are white, yellow and gray; these clouds are mixed successively by carbon, sulphur and black phosphorus.

The third image and the last of Higgs boson clouds is Higgs boson clouds’ speed; this speed is based on the centre point of depressions and this last is based on quarks submission and quarks assumption. The Higgs boson clouds speed increases towards the centre of the depression to form denser clouds, and the rotational clouds leave empty spaces in the sky to allow the sun’s rays to penetrate into the earth to warm it; this mechanism makes the seasons changing from winter to spring and from summer to autumn.

I wonder to conclude the idea of Higgs boson clouds by putting the light on the picture below; we can see the rushed clouds to the area of two depressions to form an interrogation point which is occupying an area of half the earth vertically, these clouds are simply the result of a combination between quarks assumption and high density of gluons in the middle atmosphere.

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