Thursday, 11 December 2014

Higgs Boson Auto-Destruction

Just to remind you about one of Higgs boson characteristics which is simplicity; in this post I am willing to write about Higgs boson role to decay into rays and fibres in order to create the right equilibrium needed inside all universes; I prefer to call this decay auto-destruction as it occurs under Higgs boson management itself.

The equilibrium inside all universes is well managed by Higgs boson of the first universe, during our universe’s travel back this equilibrium is also managed by it’s Higgs boson sited in Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), the relation between our universe equilibrium and Higgs boson of this universe’s auto-destruction is magnitude regulatory; that means that the control of the total of the chemicals in our universe is possible by managing Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

Higgs boson auto-destruction is a mechanism perfectly controlled and managed by Higgs boson itself; this auto-destruction had had happened in the first universe at it’s beginning, and each time an auto-destruction had happened a new universe is born; from this statement we understand that Higgs boson auto-destruction had had happened three times in order to give birth to our universe. It is obvious to form one shell of nut a need to two sinusoidal waves is necessary, and to form (6) of them a need to twelve sinusoidal waves is necessary, and because Higgs boson works as a doublet each time Higgs boson auto-destruction occurs it produces four sinusoidal waves.

My willing is also to say something about Higgs boson of the earth which is in my possession and under my live experiment, each universe has it’s own Higgs boson and each Higgs boson can make a change to it’s universe once put under special conditions. The change in our universe is happening due to my experiment on Higgs boson, that’s why I am writing in this blog to raise awareness about what’s happening on planet earth.

Universe five is twice bigger than universe six and it’s Higgs boson has a double size comparing it to Higgs boson of the sixth universe, so to merge universe six into universe five an auto-destruction of Higgs boson of universe six is a must to make the travel back possible, and this auto-destruction is in process.

I think that the subject is still in need to further information and analysis which will be added in future posts.
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