Sunday, 21 December 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (3-2)

In this post the talk about bacteria is imminent; my willing is to bring more information concerning the life of the new era and bacteria as a key player to separate

it from the old era of life, also there are other elements participating in the first stage of the transformation to the new life; these elements are sulphur, carbon and the water molecule and they are the favouritised chemicals to combine and create the necessary conditions to bacteria to grow in comfortable manner.

Bacteria soustraction is one of Higgs boson mechanisms used to create the right equilibrium needed to planet earth to travel back in good exchange of chemicals; this exchange is already seen everywhere in the growing grasses, the picture below is showing this growing of bacteria

All decomposed materials such as trees’ leaves, wood and sandstone interact with sulphur to form a ready bed to bacteria to sleep on; the origin of this bacteria is the acoustic waves made by Higgs boson; this bacteria is actually pieces of black phosphorus which is representing dark matter, and also bacteria takes a green colour; this colour is made by photon through photosynthesis.

The setted velocity inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) will increase the bacteria’s growing moderately; that means that in less than two years from now most of the land in the northern part of planet earth will take a green colour; green grown bacteria will cover streets, roofs, window frames, walls, and trees’ trunks and branches. Plants and trees are developing very fast and they will achieve twice to three times their size during this period.

The development of bacteria is just an introduction to prepare a needed bed of soil to grasses where to grow; many places are already growing Higgs boson first generation of grasses on the bacteria’s beds and this image will develop to plants and trees.

Bacteria and DNA reversing are two faces to the same coin; when bacteria takes a new shape DNA takes a new shape too, and when DNA crosses bacteria they form a new living organism; simply this last becomes a presenter of the new era of life in which we are living.

To conclude this post I would like to say that I am really worrying about the world’s silence concerning my discovery to Higgs boson, this silence has to break by speaking out the truth of Higgs boson discovery. My intention here is to condense true and realistic phenomena in order to prove Higgs boson discovery. 

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