Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (3)

I am back again with a new syndication, I think that a need to add many valuable points concerning chemical interactions in nature is essential. Also we are seeing that talkabout climate change started taking interesting places in the administrative submissions. The good news is that everybody is happy about his garden for the time being as flowers took the strongest position ever. Similarly branches trees are growing faster and pushing up, leaves are taking a perfect shape and colour, I am sure that everybody has noticed this, and if not just look at your garden and you will be amazed.

What about spiders; they are the only danger in these circumstances; I am not here to scare you but to share with you my knowledge and my ideas. Everything will grow ten times bigger even spiders; I think that the solution is to cover your windows with plastic fabrics to protect them from coming inside your house. This situation will take a while before they become extinct.

My conception to the lakes algae development is significantly bearing and simultaneously disturbing, unlikely this development will occupy most of lakes space and it's result is more occupation of land by the water molecule. Lakes also will swallow further quantity of pieces of wood and trees’ leaves. The surprising picture is the growing of trees within the lakes themselves; the chemical equation below explains the secret of this phenomenon:

Sulphuric Acid + Water + Helium11 → Trees seeds

The challenge which humanity will face is water contamination from volcanic ash, from Sulphur acidity and from fast growing bacteria. Also another super challenge is the ground’s water excessive quantity that facilitates earth cracking and what is linked to it such as sinkholes, landslips and ice melting.

Before closing this post I would like to add this chemical equation:

High dose of Sulphuric Acid + Water → Foot and mouth disease

As we know within Higgs boson field the Sulphur condensation is obvious, the high dose of Sulphur within the atmosphere contaminates animals’ vegetation thats why the foot and mouth disease developed in some hot countries.

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