Sunday, 21 September 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (2)

In the last post “Higgs Boson Syndication (1)”; we have seen that alpha particles are the basic block of life; in today’s post we will see the arrogance of helium in most of our surroundings. The main observations which could be used to detect helium presence is by discovering new living species, as we understood from the posts of this blog that we are living in a new era of time. The “all change” expression will be the key to us to learn a new knowledge concerning everything.

All living organisms have to disappear except a few ones; these last are our interest as they will be the symbol of comparison of the new ones. And also they will be the symbol of remembrance of the old era which was ended in October 2013 as I noticed in an earlier post. I think that there is a selection of approximately (5000) species between animals, plants, chemical elements, bacteria and viruses. The list of these species will be known and complete when the rest will be deducted. Up to today the timing of a full transition from the old era to the new era is not known yet.

The transition between the two eras is controlled by Higgs boson matriculation as explained in “Higgs Boson Matriculation” post; the main idea is about the energy forms, the fortified water and the number of units of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), I focused on these (3) elements to be sure that the period of transition should be soft and smooth, also the period of transition is the key to prove Higgs boson discovery. The main and the important prove is the new global weather system.

The diagram below is showing the main elements participating in Higgs boson insurrection to make the period of transition possible, these elements are the most influanceable within Higgs boson field

The syndication we are talking about in this post is just an introduction to more details of the chemical elements interactions and their results.

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