Friday, 26 September 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication (4)

My willing today is to add this post to Higgs boson syndications just because I find it necessary to clarify some new phenomena which are happening in our world.

Progradation is the main fact which explains to us in a clear vision that we are living in a new era of life. Nobody can ignore that many animal species are already unsettled such as birds, foxes, rats, and even ants.

Let’s starting with the wolves; they are dying in the melting ice and in high mountains, maybe forest guards will explain to us this phenomenon. My explanation to the dying wolves is as follow: the flying birds are dying from the excessive absorption of the water molecule and Sulphur, once dead they become ready meal to the wolves. These last are poisoned by the contaminated meat.

Secondly, one of Higgs boson syndications which has not to be missed is the disappearance of trout fish; I think that we should ask Scottish fisher men to tell us what happened to the trout? My understanding to this point is that the rivers' water became more warm and the level of Sulphur in water became very high; as we know the oxygen becomes sequestered in the Sulphuric carbonate (SCO5).

One of Higgs boson magical syndications is the appearance of the Chinese mitten crab in Scotland; until today there is no explanation to this appearance of these creatures. Bear with me I am telling you why? The chemical equation below has perfect meaning to this situation

Warm water + Nitric acid + lipids → Chinese Mitten Cab

I am not letting this equation idle; the water becomes warm because of the depressions in the Atlantic, high level of heat, heavy rain and flooding. The high level of Nitric acid is due the decomposed roots, leaves and fruits.

Falling walls are a real effect, I am sure that you are seeing them here and there. Can anybody in the world tell us why these walls are cracking slowly and finish by falling on the ground? The chemical equation below has the answer to this question:

Helium electro-neutrino + Gypsum + Water → Fallen walls

Magma is a unique syndication, whats happening now under earth is a huge methane combustion; the warm sea water is not becoming warm just because of the sun’s heat but also from the heated sea bed rocks. I imagine from the next few weeks to the next few months we will see new erupted volcanoes.

I hope that Higgs boson syndications are becoming more convincing, and I am sure that I will bring you more in the nearest future.
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