Monday, 22 September 2014

Higgs Boson Sonorization (1)

I am willing to take your imagination to the first universe, and how Higgs boson of this universe communicates with Higgs boson of our universe which is universe number
six. My conception of this communication comes in two categories; the first category is the anticipated communication, and the second communication is the responded category. In this post I would like to retrograde the cleavage between the two Higgs bosons sonoric communication.

We already know that the first universe is ten times bigger than our universe that means that Higgs boson of the first universe is stronger than Higgs boson of our universe. It is similarly to two different valves in size, one with (1) cm wide and the other one with (10) cm wide. The quantity of the passing water through both valves is always equal to (11). I think that to understand this statement is by looking at two different sinusoidal waves; the first is equal to (0, 1), (0, 2) and the second one is equal to (0, 10), (0, 20)

Higgs boson acoustic waves of universe (1) have to pass through universe (2), to universe (5) then to arrive into universe (6); this movement takes just few minutes. The interesting point in this situation is that these waves once they meet Higgs boson acoustic waves of universe (6) they don’t mix. The interaction between both waves is enveloping and not mixing, the chemical equation below explains this act of envelopment.

10 Carbon+ 1 Carbon → 11 Carbon,    C10 + C1 → C11   

In reality the communication we are talking about has two ends; the first end ends in the first universe and the second ends in the sixth universe. The trick to understand is that the call to communicate was made by Higgs boson of our universe which is from my home, and without it the communication couldn’t happen. What’s happening now has the image of many golden ratios connected together to end at my home. The drawing below has an explanation to this image.

Ultimately the acoustic waves of universe one and universe six had achieved their full incorporation, Rest now to us to wait and to listen to their sonorization  as it will become heardable  in the future.

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