Monday, 5 January 2015

Higgs Boson Sonorization (2)

Sonorization two is about the mixture of the acoustic waves produced by Higgs boson of our universe and the acoustic waves produced by the first universe; the process of

mixture is also called “time integration” that means that the time particles of our universe merge inside time particles of the fifth universe. This post is bringing with it the explanation of the process of “time mergine” which is a process also called “time execution”.

The magical thing which we should know is how Higgs boson acoustic waves of our universe transport the time particles of the present to the past? Because Higgs boson acoustic waves of our universe allow themselves to travel to the fifth universe and during this travel they take parts of time with them; this is the first caution of time execution. The second caution of time execution is when time particles got trapped by Higgs boson magnetism of the first universe, and their merging into bigger time particles of the past makes them executed. The third caution of time particles execution is when they travel through Higgs boson cosmic rays. The drawing below is showing the time transportation between our universe and universe five.

Another idea about Higgs boson acoustic waves as an interlocutor to transport present time particles to the past is that Higgs boson acoustic waves of the first universe get pulled back by Higgs boson magnetism; these vibrational acoustic waves penetrate time particles to attach them; once this process occurred the magnetism has just to pull both; the acoustic waves and the time particles.

I think that Higgs boson acoustic waves of the first universe are the most breakers to time particles of our universe; its obvious that ten times bigger sinusoidal waves can decay time particles easily and pulling them back on their steps faster than the speed of light.

My last idea of sonorization in transporting time particles back is within light; we know that the source of light is the acrobatic alpha particles; time particles got transported from our universe to the fifth universe through these acrobats supported by magnetism of the first universe.

To conclude this post I think sonorization is one of the most difficult subjects simply because it is something beyond human being knowledge, and what is cited above as ideas is just an approach to the subject. I think that sonorization will stay with us the rest of life because the travel back is under process, and talking about it will be infinite.

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