Saturday, 17 January 2015

Higgs Boson Chronicles

Higgs boson chronicles are suspended ideas waiting to be cleared, clarified and shared publicly; these ideas are about syndications under the shingle and are not visible to us
yet. In this post I love to write about five chronicles which were fabricated during the last two years of my experiment on Higgs boson.

The first of Higgs boson chronicle which I would like to write about is hidden treasures under the seashores; these treasures are artifacts made by humans in the far past, and they are covered under the seashores sand; they will be visible to us not for long.

The second idea of Higgs boson chronicles which I would like to notice is the boats’ chronicles; in the life’s history an unlimited number of boats sank under the sea and some of them got covered by sand in seashores. Because of Higgs boson rotational sea waves; the seashores are uncovering from sand and this results to boats to come up to tell us their chronicles.

The third of Higgs boson chronicles which is important to bring to this post is towns, cities and villages chronicles; towns, cities and villages were covered under the sand in seashores and they will be uncovered simply because the sea is swallowing the sand at a very high rate to make them uncovered very soon.

One of the very interesting of Higgs boson chronicles is bottles; in the same circumstances seashores are loosing their sand to the bottom of the sea and this will result to many bottles to come up and start floating on the sea water surface. I think that the bottles chronicles will lead the Media headlines for so long and many people will become very rich just by selling very old bottles.

The last of Higgs boson chronicles which is attracting my curiosity is the maps chronicles; I am sure that humans in history were very clever to draw their maps on impermeable materials and also to cover them with impermeable ones, possibly these maps were kept in empty bottles or impermeable boxes, anyway they will be uncovered and found by lucky people.

To close this post rest to me to wish good luck to everybody to hunt some of Higgs boson chronicles and please remember Higgs boson when you find one  as the big work of excavation is made by it’s mechanics. I remember when I started hunting for a treasure in seashore I wished I could excavate many places and now my dream of excavation is under work and I hope that my dream of discovering the treasure which I am looking for will be realized.

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