Monday, 26 January 2015

Higgs Boson Butterfly

Higgs boson butterfly is a complex of chemical reactions to produce mega systems with a butterfly shape, in this post I am interested to bring some images of butterfly
shaping through natural systems, and to know what the reasons of these shapes to occur are? My imagination is gone too far to look at what is really happening to planet earth, and in another hand I am surprised of the world’s population ignorance to my imagination. Anyway I would like to show you five images of Higgs boson butterfly with the hope to catch your mind.

The first of Higgs boson butterfly is seen in the image below which is showing a tomato grown to twelve times bigger than normal size.
The super-sized tomatoes are so large one tomato alone can serve up to four people and grow up to 6ft tall

The second of Higgs boson butterfly is shown in the image below which is a snowflake; this snowflake couldn’t be realised without Higgs boson quarks submission.
Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov was able to snap high-resolution magnified images of snowflakes. (Photo/Alexey Kljatov)

The third of Higgs boson butterfly is the kind of sea snake shown in the image below; this is one of Higgs boson first generation of sea snakes which will come up and dominate seas and oceans; from now up human being have to adapt to the gastronomy of the new era of life.
Ichthyophis cardamomensis was found in Cambodia's southwest Cardamom Mountains, an area under threat from habitat loss

The fourth of Higgs boson butterfly is the global weather system as shown in the image below; this image has all meaning that Higgs boson has already changed all streams around the world.
Tokyo-based software engineer Cameron Beccario has created a weather map (main image) that looks like the infamous Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt (inset image). The animation shows wind speeds and weather patterns around the world. In the image Jabba's 'eyes' are represented by two vortices. His mouth is an area that circles Earth near the equator where northeast and southeast trade winds come together. Mr Beccario told MailOnline he 'couldn't stop laughing' when he saw the face appear in his visualisation

The last of Higgs boson butterfly is the fast growing algae shown in the image below; this algae is also the work of Higgs boson mechanism.

To close this post I would like to remind you about the changes occurring in natural phenomena are at their beginning and don’t be surprised in the future when you will see debates about these changes everywhere in the world.  
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