Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Higgs Boson Australian Fire

In this post I am willing to talk about the fires appearing in the world as a new phenomenon in the new era of life; these fires are occurring due to the new weather
system, and one of the most interesting fires is the Australian fire. By bringing five causes of the Australian fire the subject of this post will be clarified and added to your knowledge.

The first cause of Higgs Boson Australian fire is Quarks submission; this cause is purely physical because once quarks are submitted they make the fire higher and higher with their pulling energy.

The second cause of Higgs Boson Australian fire is Higgs boson winds; these winds are stronger and their presence is longer which makes the fire spreading faster and faster to become uncontrollable.

The third cause of Higgs Boson Australian fire is heat accumulation; due to the South Pole depressions heat waves are trapped inside the south east air waves’ stream; this makes Australia more heated than normal. Also movement northward of the south jet stream made the tropical's warm air moving south towards Australia; the cited two elements above created favorable conditions to fire to cover huge and numerous areas.

The fourth cause of Higgs Boson Australian fire is the sun’s heat intensity; as we already know that planet earth took a new shape of orbit which is wider than the old one that makes planet earth closer to the sun; the consequence of this wider orbit is the intensification of the sun’s heat on planet earth; and this makes grasses and trees dryer and ready to burn quickly.

The last cause of Higgs Boson Australian fire is the rise in temperature around the globe; nobody can ignore that the temperature on earth has risen by (1) to (2) degrees Celsius during the last two years; of course the rise in temperature makes everything warmer and ready to burn faster.

To close this post it is important to notice that Higgs boson Australian fire is a new phenomenon which will be present most of the year and Australia has to prepare for bigger bush fires in the future. The intriguing point of what it has been said in this post is that also other areas will assist the same circumstances as Australia; these areas are California and India.
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