Sunday, 25 January 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (14-3)

Polar vortices should not be underestimated as they are one of the most influential syndications on the global weather system. In this post I am excited to put the light on
the polar vortices work in the new era of life, because vortices spread cold towards the equatorial line; this cold is the interest of this post’s subject by highlighting five of it’s effects.

The first interesting effect of polar vortices is animal death; not all animals support freezing temperatures, and just few hours of cold can provoke death to some animals such as butterflies, bees, and many of different kind of birds.

One of the most dangerous effects of vortices is the wood decomposition; the cold makes the water molecule frozen inside the wood and changing it’s form from liquid to solid to give it more volume; by this process the wood as well increases in volume to break.

The third effect of vortices is fish death; when a vortex travel to the equatorial it makes warm sea waters colder; so the change in temperature can kill fish easily. It is similarly when a vortex recedes back north it leaves fish in cold water, this last becomes warm and leads to the fish’s death.

The fourth effect of vortices is when they move south into areas where there are no high mountains to stop them and such areas are the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans; the effect in this situation is so huge as vortices get connected to the South Pole streams; that means more warm air to the North Pole to get it’s ice melted.

The last of the vortices effects is the cracks; most materials get used to high temperatures and when they get very cold they get shocked and cracked.

I think that vortices will be usual to humans as they will be more frequent in the future.
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