Monday, 5 January 2015

Higgs Boson Sunderland (2)

Higgs boson sunderland has to come to show off in this post; the meaning of sunderland in our subject is how Higgs boson can blend any material to it’s lowest form of energy, to understand this process a need to call the following four elements is

essential. The first element is chemistry; it is so obvious that everything is build on a mixture of chemicals, at this point I would like to rise a question which is how can Higgs boson makes a mixture of chemicals to their lowest form of energy? Higgs boson has enough power through it’s acoustic waves to penetrate any form of energy and to decay it to it’s lowest one; the vibrating acoustic waves can even decay an electron, a proton or a neutron to their lowest energy, also even a group of quarks, gluons, majorana fermions, glue balls or a group of hadrons could be decayed to their lowest energy. So to conclude the statement above is by understanding the meaning of sunderland inside the first element which is chemistry.

The second element which is supporting the idea of Higgs boson sunderland is quantum mechanics; we already know that Higgs boson mechanism works on (-1, +1) formula; this means in reality all what it is deduced to it’s lowest energy has to appear in another form of energy.

The third element which is supporting the idea of Higgs boson sunderland is statistics; it is completely unbelievable that walls are shrinking faster and faster and the accumulation of their debris had already gave birth to the grasses’ first generation. Statistically the balance is equilibrated between the (-1) and the (+1).

The last element which I would like to add to support Higgs boson sunderland is natural sciences such as environmental health science; the environment has already taken a new different shape than the existing shape of two years ago. We can see the (+1) of Higgs boson mechanism specially in the new growing green grasses, plants and trees’ leaves, also in rivers’ level and in sea tides. The most significant change is in clouds; they become higher, larger and bigger, and produce heavier rain.

Higgs boson sunderland will be visible to us day after day until there will be no sand at all. The incredible manner of exposing my ideas is still not understood and here I am making another call to all scientists of the world to look deeper and deeper at what I am saying because the consequences are catastrophic and unbearable. 

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