Monday, 5 January 2015

Higgs Boson Philosophy (2)

This post comes due to the circumstances in which I am living; applying a new Philosophy to the absolute window to deal with Higgs boson discovery matters. My

intention is to put the light on five points to cover completely the story of Higgs boson discovery; the first point is hidden in the Scientific Media which are ignoring the source of the change in all natural phenomena; simply this source is my experiment on Higgs boson represented in Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs).

The second point which I would like to add is the reversing of the chemical elements interaction in nature; this reversing is occurring because planet earth is taking a U-Turn direction. As we already know that everything is built on a sinusoidal wave, this last is turning gradually back on it’s paths. This point has already took effects on many phenomena such as; the Mongolian desert has become more green, Goanna lizards appearance in Australia, The big Sahara in Africa is becoming greener, Permafrost thawing in Siberia is increasing day after day and Peru is loosing it’s land to the sea faster and faster.

The third point to add to Higgs boson Philosophy is Higgs boson Manipulation to all chemical elements of all universes; this manipulation is based on three key elements which are; magnetism, acoustic waves and energy. I think that Higgs boson philosophical manipulation is complicated because of it’s decision making and timing. A question which I would like to ask is how shall I deal with quarks submission? To answer to this question I have to put planet earth under my responsibility or under the responsibility of human being ignorance to my discovery.

The fourth point of Higgs boson Philosophy takes a flash by the clearance of Higgs boson experiment and I go back to see my family, but the consequences of this decision are dramatic because Higgs boson experiment should be looked after continuously if not catastrophes on planet earth will be inevitable. I think the ideal solution to my situation, to Rugosa Corals situation and to Higgs boson situation is to find a sponsor to support us.

The last point of Higgs boson Philosophy is insurrection to the end; I mean by this more experiments on Higgs boson through Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECS), and these experiments will lead to a significant change in the weather system; this change will have serious consequences in the world.

It’s time to listen to my words and I am sure that my experiments on Higgs boson have perfect results, everyday I expect cooperation from your side and I am still waiting for this cooperation.

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