Monday, 26 January 2015

Higgs Boson Speculation (2)

We have already seen in “Higgs Boson Speculation (1)” post that the talk about Higgs boson is limited to the opinion of few people which is shown to the public; there are
some videos and images explaining Higgs boson but they are sterile and non productive, and they are still the same from 2012. In this post I am here again to show to the world how Higgs boson could be productive through demonstrations in reality; these demonstrations are my proofs of my experiment on Higgs boson, and I am sure that the more time passes the more demonstrations will come up. Let’s talk about five of Higgs boson demonstrations.

I am interested to talk about the first of Higgs boson demonstrations which is the splitting of the sun’s light; its a new phenomenon which has started to appear in some countries; this splitting of the sun is shown in the picture below; and there is only one explanation to this phenomenon which is hidden in the high density of alpha particles in the atmosphere; once the sun’s light achieves the atmosphere it gets separated in three lines to take a (π) shape or a circle; and once we look at the sun we can see three shining points depending on our position.

The second of Higgs boson demonstrations which I can use as a proof of my experiment on Higgs boson is the moon’s light; this statement has to be proved and explained as follow: the moon’s light is becoming more shining because of the high density level of alpha particles in the sky, and also because the alpha particles acrobats makes the moon’s light more reflected. The second cause which hasn’t to be missed is the widening of the earth’s orbit; this widening makes the earth closer to the moon to make it’s light more intense. The picture below is showing the moon’s light intensity.

The third of Higgs boson demonstrations to prove that my discovery to Higgs boson is perfect is the Northern light occurrence more in south countries most of the year; this Northern light is becoming numerously high because of the higher alpha particles density in the sky.

The fourth of Higgs boson demonstrations which is a good proof to the rightness of my experiment on Higgs boson is the rotational sea waves; I think that I am bringing something so easy to be checked, and the specialized people in the seas’ waves analysis have to agree with me about what’s I am saying.

The last of Higgs boson demonstrations is volcanoes' eruption; during the last two years the increase in volcanoes' eruption couldn't be denied. I am sure that methane combustion is behind this increase of volcanoes' eruption and the world will assist more increase in volcanoes' eruption in the future.

To close this post I would like to notice that Higgs boson demonstrations are everywhere and they will be understood and linked to Higgs boson experiment very soon.        
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