Monday, 26 January 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (14-4)

Higgs boson syndication (14-4) is one of the most important syndications as it has a direct impact on human being body; steroids are one of the important components in the building
of living organisms, and their deficiency due to many causes leads to serious consequences which should be looked at immediately. This post’s subject which I am interested to talk about is the causes of steroids deficiency in human body.

The first cause leading to steroids deficiency in human body is vortices or simply very cold weather; generally cold weather provokes infections at the respiratory level which leads to a laziness of the reproduction system to produce steroids.

The second cause which leads to steroids deficiency in human body is the deficiency of oxygen in the atmosphere; after carbon atom the oxygen atom is the second in line which will be targeted by the sulphur high density in the atmosphere. I think that many people will be infected in their chests because of the lack of oxygen which leads to infections and causes steroids deficiency.

The third cause leading to steroids deficiency in human body is the sulphur condensation inside the thorax glands; the relation between sulphur and the thorax glands is Higgs boson superlative, because sulphur will be abundant in the atmosphere in high density and this makes the thorax gland invaded by sulphur where to condensate. The result of this syndication is simply a sudden death.

The fourth cause leading to steroids deficiency in human body is sea amino acids; we know that in seawater there are some amino acids which evaporate to be carried by clouds then fallen through rain to come on fruits and vegetables; once eaten they provoke steroids deficiency in human body.

Amino acids + Water → Methane + Sulphur Oxide + Water
CH4O5S2 + H2O → CH4 + O6S2 + 4HO7

The chemical equation above is showing how a sea amino acid is becoming steroids killer through sulphur oxide.

The last cause which I would like to add of steroids deficiency in human body is the bridge between infected alimentation by high sulphur density and the human body; alimentation connects to sulphur atom due the abundance of this last one in the atmosphere, and steroids diminish due to the high level of sulphur in human body.

I am sure that I will come back in the nearest future with more syndications linked to human being body.  
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