Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Higgs Boson Seagulls

My love to the sea and to the sea waves is making me watching the seabirds everyday; in this post I would like to share few ideas about the new life of seagulls as they are my
companions most of the time. Seagulls’ life is one of the seabirds’ life affected by Higgs boson experiment due to the introduction of the new weather system on planet earth.

The first idea which I would like to share with you is the new seagulls’ diet or food; the seagulls’ food has changed from fish to sea sponges and this phenomenon has many causes such as the change in sea current, the change in sea waves and the change in sea water rotations; these three conditions has made the sea swallowing everything to it’s bottom in exception of light objects such as sea sponges.

The second idea which I am interested to bring to this post is the accumulation of sea sponges on beaches; this accumulation makes seagulls more attracted to seas sponges to having them as a meal. I am sure that seagulls can’t find anything else to eat, so the diet of sea sponges is an obligation to them.
Dead Seagull
The third idea which I would like to talk about is the seagulls’ diminution in numbers; here also I am sure that I am accurate about the seagulls’ number which I was used to see two years ago and their number I am seeing now; this number of seagulls has dramatically decreased. Also I would like to bring your attention to other birds wherever where you live; surely you will notice the change in their number and their behaviour.

The fourth idea which shouldn’t be neglected is food contamination; the abundant food in nature became poisonous because of the level of sulphur coming from heavy rains; it is a vicious circle starting from volcanoes to dead seagulls. Its likely that the seagulls future is morose and they finish to extinction.

The last idea which I am adding to Higgs boson seagulls is seagulls’ extinction; seagulls extinction is at it’s way because their rate of breeding has diminished to it’s lowest level. I think that the new weather system of the new era of life has big effects on all birds’ breeding.

Finally, I hope that many people are agreeing with me about what it has been said in this post, maybe the seagulls’ extinction phenomenon is not very clear for the moment but it will be visible to everybody after each day passing. Also adding seagulls’ extinction to Higgs boson experiment as a proof is a wise syndication which has not to be ignored.
Video showing Seagulls fight for life

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