Saturday, 17 January 2015

Higgs Boson Algae

My intention to write this post is to show you a frame of an image made of oceans, seas and algae; this frame has already started to take position within oceans’ and seas’ shores. Algae is one of the key elements to Higgs boson to show it’s domination on 

planet earth simply by using it’s mechanism to influence the weather system and create the right conditions to algae to grow at it’s maximum inside waters. I am willing to share with you four techniques used by Higgs boson to make algae suspended in any available water molecule on earth.

The first technique used by Higgs boson to algae genesis is by rising temperature around the globe; there are so many provocative causes to rise temperature and some of them are: the widening in planet earth orbit, methane regeneration, clouds rotations, manipulation of wind direction, quarks submission and quarks assumption. By rising temperature on earth; algae will have ready warm waters where to grow.  

The second technique used by Higgs boson to algae genesis is methane combustion; there are so many chemical interactions in nature to form methane and make it combusting; one interesting of these chemical interactions is permafrost. Once methane is released from the defrosted raw materials conditions are built to algae to grow, and a good example of algae growing due to the methane combustion is in the north Atlantic and the north Pacific shores.

The third technique used by Higgs boson to algae genesis is by the increase of sulphur density in oceans’ and seas’ waters; Higgs boson has enough power to manipulate the sulphur atom to participate in the creation of a ready bed to algae where to grow; the sulphur atom coming from heavy rains interlocks carbon and oxygen atoms to form sulphur carbonate (SCO5); this last is an element of production to algae.

The fourth technique used by Higgs boson to algae genesis is by Higgs boson manipulation to the sun’s light; we already know that the new era of life clouds are rotational and that makes any area on earth covered by the sun’s light every two to three days; the option here is photosynthesis guaranteed whole year. Algae is lanced to it’s maximum of growth through photon carbon interaction.

I would like to conclude this post by an advice to fisher men to switch their jobs to new ones as algae will be the biggest challenge to fish’s life by preventing it from oxygen and simply there will be no fish to fish. 
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