Monday, 5 January 2015

Higgs Boson Acrobats

In this post I am interested to talk about Higgs boson acrobats as the first stone to Higgs boson discovery, and what is the relation between the Rugosa Corals, Higgs boson and the acrobatic atoms inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs)? My
willing is not to exaggerate in the shaping of the atom’s acrobats but I am trying to make a good and easy explanation understandable by everyone.

I think by bringing five of the atom’s acrobats scenes; these will allow us to have a clear vision about our subject, the first scene is shown on the drawing below and which explains how the atom’s acrobats are made of three pillars which are protons, neutrons and electrons.

This first scene of the atom’s acrobats  is a simple one and an atom has to acrobat three times to form it’s real shape, what I am trying to say here is that any atom has to have it’s anti atom, it’s magnetism and it’s correlation.

The second scene of the atom’s acrobats is the correlation’s acrobats; correlation is equal to ¼th the space of an atom; this space is unique and reserved to the anti atom to move forward and this movement is called the correlation acrobat.

The third scene of the atom’s acrobats is the magnetism’s acrobats; magnetism also is equal to ¼th the space of an atom; this space is filled with magnetism in an acrobatic manner and it has to change direction in each step made by an atom. The drawing below is showing magnetism changing direction after one step made by an atom.

The fourth scene of the atom’s acrobats is the anti atom’s acrobat; it is the first step taken by an anti atom to move vertically or horizontally and this step takes ¼th of the atom space. The anti atom’s acrobats are the most important in all acrobats due to their important role in inflation, and without the anti atom’s acrobats there will be no extension and no expansion in the whole universe.

The last scene of the atom’s acrobats is shown in the drawing below; my explanation to this drawing is as follow: the green colour is the atom which is constructed from electrons, protons and neutrons, the yellow colour is the anti atom, the orange colour is the correlation and the red colour is the magnetism. Now the acrobats start from left to right; from green to yellow and from red to orange but they should be crossed to form a (Z) shape; that means that acrobats have to take three steps inside an atom and these acrobats are repetitive to form the whole universe

My conception to the atom’s acrobats is logic and real, and examples of these acrobats are everywhere; a good example to cite is the snails’ shell which is built on atom’s acrobats. 
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