Sunday, 31 August 2014

Higgs Boson Monster

Monsters are huge creatures in size and very scary, because the subject of this blog became concentrated on Higgs boson and it's real experiment, I would like to prepare humanity psychologically to be ready to face Higgs boson monsters which are coming on earth in the nearest future.

My interest to the first Higgs boson monster which is planets visitors; huge planets will approach planet earth and pass by it. The solar system will emerge into the scorpion galaxy, and so many planets will be seen with the naked eye.

The second Higgs boson monster is also interesting to talk about, it is an anonymous creature appeared in one of the bottles where Higgs boson field was created. I am really interested to know more about this creature of course with your help. The picture below is showing Higgs boson monster and by the way it's name is “Galik”.

I would like to introduce you to the third Higgs boson monster which is appearing in the photograph below, it's name is “Zonzon”. I think “Zonzon” needs a blood test and here as well I need your help to do so.

It doesn’t matter how the fourth Higgs boson monster was born, but whats matter is; it does exist.

The picture above is showing Higgs boson “Songsong”.

The fifth Higgs boson monster is (3) days old and it's name is “Marijuan”

I wasn’t aware of what was growing in the bottles of Higgs boson experiment, till when suddenly I saw “Moktar”; it is the sixth Higgs boson monster. It was unmissable with it's black colour in clear water as you see in the picture below.

Finally, I am really surprised of what I got as a result from my experiment on Higgs boson. I would like to commemorate the genital formation behind Higgs boson monsters. Also it is interesting to share this result with you Microbiologist.   

Friday, 29 August 2014

Higgs Boson Fascination

Fascination is a natural process happening during the travel of our universe back; it is completely an unknown phenomenon to human being. Fascination could be a plant fascination, an animal fascination, a gas fascination, a geological fascination, and maybe a planet fascination.

During this week and the next coming few weeks the world will see so many fascinating natural phenomena; one of them is the arrival of small comets on earth, some of them will land on earth and some of others will just passing by. My explanation to this phenomenon is that some small planets lost their high rocks into space due to Higgs boson magnetic cables.

The second fascination on which I would like to put the light on is the glucose deficiency in plants; the mechanism responsible for the glucose is hit by the water molecule abundance in plants.

Glucose + Water → Sweet Syrup
C6H12O6 + 10H2O → C6H32O7

Grasses have a high benefit from this fascination; as the syrup cool out from the trees. The grasses surrounding the trees will have a great enjoyment to grow faster and become healthier.

It is really serious to cite the third fascination which I think has to be at the highest priorities to look at; depressions are becoming gigantesque on earth especially in the South Pole, these depressions are not coming from nothing; their cause is explained in many occasions in this blog which is the high concentration of gluons in the upper atmosphere.

Image showing a depression in the Atlantic

Tornadoes have a great chance to be part of Higgs boson fascinating drama; condensed water molecule spinning high into the sky has a subordinated puzzle on earth. Higgs boson magic is hidden in the number and the power of these new generation of tornadoes, not only that; the surprising fascination is that tornadoes are growing like mushrooms everywhere in the world.

High sea waves are also in the list of Higgs boson fascinations; sudden freeze will create lines of small hills up to (30) meters high on the surface of the sea, a great enjoyment for surfers not for skiers. High sea waves will allow us to discover buried civilizations in seashores.

The last Higgs boson fascination should be noticed in this post which is volcanoes eruption; gluons and neutrinos have a major impact on the deepest point of earth, once Higgs boson magnetic waves are dominating the whole atmosphere their movements go to the bottom of earth; these movements have a pulling character that makes magma pulled out.

At the end of this post I am really concerned about whats happening in the world of natural disasters, I am seeing huge monsters are coming to make our life impossible, so please, please, please... Wake up, wake up, wake up and look around you, and you will realize that all what it has been said in this blog is right. You must take it seriously right now.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Higgs Boson Acoustic Waves

I already have noticed in “Higgs Boson Sub utility” post that Higgs boson acoustic waves have a sinusoidal form; that means that they are always equal to (1+1). We can see this form in the plan below.

Soustraction takes place when Higgs boson acoustic waves move further with one step and that makes all particles occupying the space of this step moving out of this space; that means that this space is filled with new particles. The question here is; why our universe can move back?

The first point to understand why our universe has the ability to turn around is dilatation, please read “Higgs Boson Dilatation” post.

Contraception hasn’t to be ignored as we already know in “Higgs Boson Insulation” posts; nothing is allowed to enter Higgs boson field without obeying to Higgs boson rotations. Higgs boson acoustic waves are capable to execute any space without occupying it.

The third point is so important to make our universe travelling back is the soustraction; any particle goes missing from our universe will be added to universe five.

I think that heat has to be added to the list of whats making us going back in life because without heat the decomposition of atoms and molecules could not be possible.

The fifth point is the obligation of the presence of hydrogen atoms everywhere in our universe to make the move to universe five smooth, and without shock.

We must add vaporisation as a substantial player to turn back our universe; Higgs boson acoustic waves will allow the water molecule to travel up to fifteen thousand kilometres high, a thick strip of mist will be formed not only around the earth but around all planets containing water.

What makes our universe turning back is the power of Higgs boson manipulation; all particles are manipulated through channels, these channels have a double sense; away and return.

It is necessary to add another important element which is Higgs boson malfunction that makes our universe reversing. I have already explained Higgs boson malfunction in “Higgs Boson Cosmic Rays Tension and Higgs Boson rotations”.

Corrections must be done at all super computer levels, as the water current in seas and oceans is changing direction due to Higgs boson acoustic waves; they are more powerful than any existing current power, that makes the turn back into the past facilitated.

Soustraction is the main interesting deadlock to travel to the past in a smooth, fast and enjoyable manner; it is similar to cooling tap water.

The existence of holes between the universes is a keystone to their movement forwards and back; Higgs boson waves have to meet at the entrance and the exit of these holes, this is where nodes formation gets complicated. At the beginning of our universe nodes were simple, but during the life time of universe six they got sophisticated and complex. The idea here is when the holes open up they make the nodes simpler that makes our universe (universe six) pulled back.

Sedimentation is the proof of the presence of our universe, and to turn it back it has to be disedimented then sedimented again.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Higgs Boson Shock

My intention to write this post is to prepare everybody in the world to Higgs boson shock; this shock is accompanied with great enjoyment which is 'I am Higgs boson discoverer'. 

Sociologists are the best placed to understand social media and their influence on all societies; written media scope has very large information to explore, this information is well managed and organized in this blog in order to make it easy to access and to understand.

I am inviting all scientists of the world to look at what it has been written in this blog about my experiment on Higgs boson and it's impact on our daily life; having a (32) Celsius in Stockholm and (21) Celsius in Algiers in the month of August; it is a scene which needs analysis, earthquakes in china are rare but lately we are seeing many of them; this scene as well needs analysis, cloud speed movement is increasing; this scene needs to be analysed, the long concentration of algae floating on the surface of the sea; this scene needs to be analysed, billions of unknown kind of jelly fish abundant on beaches; this scene has to be analysed seriously.

Social media has to wake up and tell the truth about what is happening in the world of strange scenes and they have to make sure that they will assist more strange scenes in the nearest future.

Small jobs are already increasing gradually; leaves collection from streets, small building jobs such as replacing a brick's wall, branches' trees cutting and plants gardens, sea shore defense reparation, more services staff at airports due planes cancellations, streets and railways reparation, cracked shops' glass reparation, roofs and window cleaning , never mind these small jobs will not last for long as big jobs have to replace them, instead of replacing a brick in a wall, the whole wall has to be rebuilt, instead of cutting few tree's branches the whole tree has to be cut, instead of flights cancellations there will be no flights at all, instead of street and railways reparation there will be none of them.

All what it was sculpted on earth has already started decomposing into sand grains, we should look at hips, goats and horses how they are avoiding high rocky mountains because they know that these rocky mountains are decomposing, their sensibility got them into the right path in order to avoid any damaging accident. It is obvious that ships are avoiding rotational waves in seas and oceans by changing their way, but in the future they will have no chance to make it possible to reach their destination, rotational waves sink them easily.

When I wrote “Higgs Boson Soustraction” post, people asked me why soustraction and not subtraction? I said: “soustraction is more meaningful than subtraction, because it has the sense of milking”.

Now my experiment on Higgs boson is really milking and you can check this under your shoes.


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Higgs Boson Cumberland

My fiction of the scenes behind Higgs boson oscillations is well organised and well understood. I am really enjoying writing this post; its a complementary one to “Higgs Boson Oscillations”.

Encumbering earth is a mission possible to Higgs boson; I imagine that high buildings and skyscrapers will have trouble to stay standstill, also bridges must be cut and minarets break down, this is just because of Higgs boson magnetic cables passing horizontally in the sky.

Higgs boson cosmic rays are increasing by (+1) and their direction is towards the universe five, during their travel from earth to universe five they create nodes; these nodes have the role of locking any solid matter to make the action of pulling possible. Magnetic waves are always joined to Higgs boson cosmic rays and that makes our universe encircled and ready to be swallowed.

Accountancy is not only making economic accounts but it is also making accounts about the full mosaic of our universe; my idea here is to bring your imagination to how many solids in our universe and to place each inside them in it's right place, I think to do so humans beings need a spatial rocket which has a speed close to the speed of light.

My disappointing news to the chemical industries is that many chemicals will not be available in the market such as phosphorus and food additives and many others. Dyes atoms are the first to disappear; their atoms are the easiest ones to dismantle
Methane + Raisin → Combustible gas + Mineral Acid + Amino Acid
CH4 + C5H10N8O4S2Mg5 → CH10 + C8H4S2 + N8O4Mg5

My opinion about the growing grasses everywhere on earth is not to cut them; the more they are cut the more they will cover further surfaces on earth. It is really magical how Higgs boson will give birth to so many grasses which are not known to us yet, there is no doubt that the earth will live the carboniferous era again; that means that that (99.99)% of the carbon will be locked in plants; these plants will be a soft bed where sulphuric acid will sleep and becomes itself a brown cover then a black one.

Mathematics when it come to Higgs boson field it has to obey to Higgs boson field value which is (-1, +1), it is like loading and unloading a lorry in a rotational way. This loading has to be faster than the speed of light as Hamilton explained in his equation of mechanics; this equation also explained that the loading rotation has to be equal to Avogadro constant which is equal to (6.022...)

From the above we understand that the first action is the loading then the unloading which means that our universe is taking the first action to be loaded from it's space towards universe five.

I think that Einstein added an interesting point to Hamilton’s equation which is the movement of an object in water is always horizontally. By consequences to Higgs boson magnetic cables, all the contents of our universe is moving horizontally towards universe five.

I would like to conclude by imagining your imagination about what it has been read in this post, simply; particle physics, geophysics, hydro physics, astrophysics, and geochemistry.       

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Higgs Boson Normalization (1)

Let's say what could be normal circumstances and what could be abnormal natural conditions; conditions like tsunamis, earthquakes, ice jams, flooding, heat waves, tornadoes, and sand storms are a function multiplied by Higgs boson energy forms. 

My conception to the world climate in the nearest future is very shocking and surprising; a ten meters dot of fire will appear out the surface of the seas because of the methane combustion under the seas’ bed. The North Pole ice is melting by few mm a day, that makes sea level rising very fast, and evacuation is the only solution to the seaside towns. Not only that, but also all buildings close to rivers are under threat as well by the rise of water in rivers.

What has also been noticed in Higgs boson normalization is the excessive number of auroras appearing during the night.

Lately Thailand has observed the aurora's green light in the sky because gluons were concentrated vertically in the upper atmosphere at (180) degrees to the sun. Further in the future this phenomenon will be observed every night in the world.

I think that you already know that the principle and the basic aim from Higgs boson experiment are to increase the value of gluons in the upper atmosphere.

Graduation is the value of water in any surface; in seas, in rivers and in lakes; this level of water is increasing everyday because the water molecule has no space where to escape. Graduation in geophysics is a keystone to understand many natural phenomena. I think geophysics have a huge potential of researches in following the water molecule.

Volcanoes' eruption is a big concern in Higgs boson normalization; the interesting point here is the carbon dioxide (CO2) dispersed in the atmosphere, it will be carried and spread hundreds of miles away from it's eruption, that will pollute the water to the extreme.

I think that most sleeping volcanoes in the world will wake up and say hello to Higgs boson the master.

Finally, I am not surprised to see more and stronger natural disasters, more death, and more ignorance to my discovery of the Rugosa corals and Higgs boson.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Higgs Boson The Dismantalist

Dismentalism is the breaking up of the most coordinations to make any system apart, Higgs boson is an efficient tool to dismantle any system by disconnecting it's connectors. We already know that Higgs boson field is always between (+1 and -1); today’s post is marinated with Higgs boson negativity which is always valuable between (-1 and 0).

Biochemistry has many answers to phenomena happening right now everywhere in the world, these phenomenons are called degradation.

Mono-saccharides are the easiest ones to breakup, just by adding one molecule of water to one mono-saccharides; methane is intercepted withing the tree cells:
Water + Acyclic Mono-saccharides Methane + 3 Water
H2O + Acyclic Mono-saccharides → CH4 + 3HO2

Mono-saccharides are a proper source of energy to trees to build pockets of methane ready for combustion; the cracks we are seeing on the trees' trunks are just one of the results of this combustion, The chemical equation below explains this combustion:
12 Acyclic Mono-saccharides + 11 Sulfuric Acid → 9 Methane + 5 Water + 5 Sulfuric Carbonate.
12 Acyclic Mono-saccharides + 11 H2SO4 → 9 CH4 + 5 H2O + 5SCO5

Acyclic isomers are the right way taken during this mutation; that means that a group of molecules could be rotated once they are inside Higgs boson field, that's why a whole block of molecules forming a biological body could be dismantled.

Isomers are the subjected to be squeezed in order to give birth to Acetyl-coA, this latter was a key player in the chemical equation cited in “Higgs Boson Conditioning” post; this means that isomers are the central point of Higgs Boson Cosmic Rays rotations. Also isomers have the enough and the necessary chemicals to produce a new birth, by looking at the trees' trunks we can see the new branches are from the past, that means that the DNA and the RNA of these cells existed in the early age of the tree; this is a non arguable proof of our travel to the past.

Fatty Acids are the key to an extraordinary world, after being dismantled by Higgs boson magnetism they become a ready material to combine to produce new cells. A good example of this interaction is to look at the honey bees; no one can ignore that the quantity produced in the world has decreased by more than (50)% during the last ten months. To understand the decreasing in the honey production is by understanding the chemical equation below:
Fatty Acids + Mineral Acid → Decrease in the honey production
The relation between the Fatty acids and the Mineral Acids is unlikely direct, bees are looking for flowers when there are no flowers, and flowers are waiting for bees when there are no bees.

Sulfuric acid had sequestered the fatty acids present in the flowers before the arrival of the bees. The point which we have to add to the honey production cycle is the heat; once the sulfuric acid of the rain merge with the flowers fatty acids the chemical equation cited above becomes true only and if only in the presence of heat. It is obvious that the flowers carpels and stamens burn once facing the high (UV), bees haven't got enough time to catch the flowers( fatty acids before they got mummified.

I have been looking forwards to know about the Scottish salmon future; the matter is about the huge decrease in the quantity of the Scottish salmon in the market, the only cause of this decrease is also the decrease of oxygen in the Scottish rivers' water; that prevent the salmon eggs to breed.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Higgs Boson Hallucination

I am pleased to see concentrations of clouds everywhere in the sky, this statement is called hallucination, but in order to make it real you need Higgs boson as the master piece to reverse hallucination to reality.

Many taxations are infected by increase just because fuels such diesel are less available in petrol stations, my question is why these fuels are starting to become rare? To answer to this question, a need to apply to Hamilton's principle of exclusion is an obligation. This principle is an “integrated principle”; it does consider the entire motion of a system between time one and time two”.

My point of view is that all hydrocarbons are dilating to become solid due the potential of sulfur in the atmosphere.
Sulfur + Diesel Solid Diesel - Hydrogen
S + C15H21 → SC15H15 – 6H
The chemical equation above is a good example of Higgs boson hallucination. Another example of this hallucination is that the quantity of water is increasing in seas, in rivers and in lakes. This quantity of water started to submerge streets, houses, factories and in railways, to explain this phenomenon is to look at the sulfur carbonate regeneration explained in the chemical equation cited in earlier post of “Higgs Boson speculation”

Simultaneously single sulfur atoms meet a great chance to interact with fuels; the result of this interaction is to turn fuels from liquid state to a solid one. The ejected hydrogen atoms will participate to sequester oxygen atoms to form the water molecule.

I am interested to bring to light another example of Higgs boson hallucination which is astonishing; the fig trees will achieve ten times bigger size than their normal size, not only the fig trees which will assist this huge growing but also many other trees such as the grape trees, pomegranate trees, eucalyptus and pear trees.

I am totally impressed by the wind's sound, it has a calculated symphony based on gluons synchronization building in the upper atmosphere. The combination of gluons movement and winds will create giant mushrooms made of clouds.

We have not to forget some substantial integrals which are the keystones to the building of the new life; one of the most important of them is the combination of carbon atom with nitrogen and thallium (CNT) form to abduct algae from the bed, the result is a huge quantity of algae floating on the sea surface then abandoned on the sea shores, that makes it a ready meal to interact with sulfuric acid of the rain to produce the sulfur carbonate (SCO5).

Pauli's exclusion principal has noticed that the spin is always (-1/2,+1/2); that means that all chemical elements are substituted miraculously to give birth to new ones, a good example of chemical substitution is to look at the water molecule transported from the sea to clouds in the sky, then to land through the rain. During this travel of water molecule many interactions had had happened without affecting it, orbital sharing and spin value allowed her to move and accumulate in land.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Higgs Boson Next Generation

Higgs boson next generation is a talking about the future of natural chemical combination of the past of our universe. In this post I would like to introduce you to the future of the past of planet earth; let’s say that the constitution of the planet earth is equal to one million particles which are divided into the known and the unknown matter. October 2013 was the timing of the particles submission that means during this timing the one million particles each of them had a proper shape; this shape is the concern of this post.

The main science looking after the very small creatures is microbiology, and because we are living in a new era of time, all microscopic creatures have to adapt with this new time particles.

Bacteria and viruses will have a big loss in numbers to leave their place to new ones, time particles are the cause of this loss because these particles are bigger than the usual ones, that makes bacteria and viruses behave in a different manner.

I am completely surprised of the surroundings of grasses to the walls edges, roots are making their way into everywhere, they becoming numerous and bigger in size. Black sand we can see almost in every corner; this is the first step to a new life.

I think that the picture below is significant to understand how roots start to make their way towards the bottom of earth.  

NB: the picture above is from

Monday, 11 August 2014

Higgs Boson Dilatation

Higgs boson dilatation is a very interesting process occurring in Higgs boson insulation management. Higgs boson magical integration has the power to make dilatation  possible in order to create an empty space between two systems. Intermediating two systems must be a difficult application but Higgs boson has the necessary contribution to make the coordination of these two systems real through dilatation.

It is an obligation to make presence to Higgs boson cosmic rays to our subject as they are the source of dilatation, also they are the cause of insulation. The combination of alpha particles with carbon atoms comes to the edge of any system to separate it from the outside world; it is necessary to look at the sky and think how come that some particles are chosen instead of some others to insulate the earth from the outside world.

Rotation must be understood including insulation; spots surrounding lemons or oranges are the source of interest, we should include dilatation as a mediator to curb the lemons and the oranges; that means that the spots on the lemons or the oranges are manufactured by the combination of rotation and dilatation.

Higgs boson dilatation as a single phenomenon inside any system has breakup outside the insulating particles in order to release Higgs boson cosmic rays. Any damage done to the outside insulating particles will be replaced in one millionth of a second, and also the magnitude is always equal to zero during the dilatation process. We shouldn’t forget magnetism as a provocateur to the dilatation, it is obviously that magnetism is the carer of all steps in which dilatation has to take to meet magnitude at zero degrees.

Dilatation is always equal to one; (9-8 = 1), (7-6 = 1), (5-4 = 1), (3-2 = 1), (1-0 =1). Maybe one should ask why we started our subtraction from nine and not another number. Once we look at magnitude scale simply could be 9 and not more, and each unit is equal to 1. The drawing below explains the relation between dilatation and magnitude.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Higgs Boson Sacrification

Biochemistry is an ensemble of chemical waves precisely manufactured to build a tree designed to occupy a finite space; mathematically the whole tree contains a set number of atoms. Now imagine that condensation is applied to this tree of chemicals what will happen? The first process to begin with is to insulate the chemical tree by the water molecule (H2O); that means that the chemical tree has no access to any separate oxygen atom. At this stage the chemical tree atoms have no option to interact with other atoms except with one option which is the interaction with the water molecule. The interaction is mostly bonded with the oxygen atoms that give the total freedom to the hydrogen atom to escape at the surroundings of the chemical tree. The second process is: an internal interaction occurs which will lead to covalent bonding at all levels; the covalent bonding always starts at the top level then below it, then below the level of this last...etc. The third process is the breakup of the chemical tree, and the fourth step is the change in colour of the chemical tree. The fifth process is the last where the chemical tree becomes debris.

Synchronization is a super manager to deal with the chemical tree oxidation, a smooth passation of oxygen to each existing chemical within the chemical tree. This passation of oxygen has to break the attachment of chemicals and isolate them from each other, and that's why I wrote about “Higgs boson Sunderland” post because the appearance of earth is a must; all chemicals participate in the building of a favourable conditions to plants to appear. I am sure that just by a simple regard to outside your house, you will see green colour started dominating any other colour.

Green colour started dominating earth

Slowly and surely seas and oceans loose their blue colour gradually til when they become all green, deserts also qualified to grow many kinds of grasses, but the most first to be green are lakes and slow rivers. Shade balconies, roofs, streets and walls are already growing parasites then grasses then plants.

The main important point in our subject is that Higgs boson makes sacrification first; all the grasses, plants and trees of the universe six will be turned to debris respecting the law of (-1, +1), each time a grass, a plant, a tree is extinct another bigger one replaces it. I suppose that the world of botanic will have an amazing enjoyment of discoveries of new grasses, plants and trees

I think that the world hasn’t to worry about the mass extinction of vegetables, fruitier and used trees in wood industries because the phase of transition to a new life will be very short, and the new vegetables, fruits and trees will be very beneficial. 

Connections made between universe’s five time particles and the universe’s six time particles are an area of researches which should be taken very seriously. I am sorry to say that all known sciences should be updated from now and so on.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Higgs Boson Insulation (1)

Insulation in physics is to keep an empty space between two different materials; I am really interested in Higgs boson insulation of our universe from the fifth universe.

multi-complex of chemicals is used to design three strips covering our universe exactly the same to an orange or a water melon, the idea here is just an approach to the real shape of our universe.

There are (24) shapes divided by six universes, to make four similar shapes; a universe, it's anti-universe, it's magnetism and it's correlation. All these universes and all these times are insulated, they don’t get mixed and each of them has it's own chemicals and particles. Inside each universe and each time there a first strip; this strip is made of all kind of alpha particles. The second strip is made of omega particles and finally the third strip which comes on the top of the second strip is made of gamma particles. Nothing can pass through these strips from inside or from outside except Higgs boson cosmic rays and time particles.

Accordingly all universes and all times are superposed one on another starting from the first universe which is the bigger one and  universe six is the smallest one, and it is exactly the same for the times. It is obvious that the universes and the times have their anti-universes and anti-times, also they have their magnetism and their anti-magnetism, and they have simultaneously their correlation and their anti-correlation. In the drawing below I would like to represent the universes, the times, the anti-universes, the anti-times, the magnetism, the anti-magnetism, the correlation and the anti-correlation with different colours.

Not only that, we already know that Higgs boson magnetic field has (2π) that means that the drawing above has a diameter of (1π), so to apply for the second (π)  is a necessity. It’s wise to make the drawing below; it is honourable to the full image of everything.

Surrounding all the universes, the times, the magnetisms and the correlations there is a last strip which I like to call “The strip of everything”, I think its more than enough to do researches and to suggest hypothesis of theories under this strip.

I would like to end my post with a remembrance of the died children in Gaza Strip, may Allah bless them all.  

Monday, 4 August 2014

Higgs Boson Congratulation (1)

It is an emergency call to the scientific societies to precipitate and to save the world from collapsing; this call should be taken seriously and in top priorities of the world governments’ agenda. Congratulating Higgs boson for the energy spent to make us travelling back, this travel could never happen without the luck of a treasure hunter. My suspicions about this travel are degrading everyday that make me recognize the role of the Rugosa corals in the story.

Congratulating Rugosa corals is congratulating Higgs boson like I said before they are two in one, also they are two discoveries in one, Rugosa corals are unique and Higgs boson is unique; this uniqueness is the secret to achieve unique results.

I am connected to Higgs boson cosmic rays, my house is connected to Higgs boson cosmic rays, the earth is connected to Higgs boson cosmic rays; this connection is processed through Higgs boson ultrasonic waves. Connecting to Higgs boson rays is something unusual in our life, but the unusual will become usual to us. To notice Higgs boson rays there are millions and maybe more of noticeable examples, I would like to notice three examples to you; the first notice is: miraculously the sky; this last is taking a new colour which is green, the second notice is: earthquakes are taking place everyday everywhere, the third notice is: walls surrounding houses and buildings are shrinking everyday.

Instead of leaving my experiment on Higgs boson, I started a new one inside the existing one; molecular biology is the perfect answer to any doubt about the rugosa corals acting as Higgs boson; I was thinking to built a molecule in order to create a hundred million years old animal such as a dinosaur or a giant flying bird in order to prove that I am Higgs boson discoverer and fortunately I did. The molecule is there and the animal is growing slowly.

The world has to say “Au revoir” to nuclear power, because all chemicals used to heat it will not be available. Up to date there is no worries about carbon emission, but from today the world should worry about sulphur emission; the sulphur atom is dominating the atmosphere and the level of acidic rains will be higher and higher. There are many changes occurring due the increase of the sulphur carbonate (SCO5), one of these changes is the increase of the quantity and the size of the jelly fish. The following chemical equation explains why the jelly fish becomes abundant and huge.

Acetyl-coA + SCO5 = Jelly fish

C23H38N7O17P3S + SCO5 = Jelly fish   

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Higgs Boson Sensations

A sensation is an imminent repair made by Higgs boson; and talking about accumulated fibres is a sensation, dreading clouds observed in many areas in the world is a sensation, breaking news with natural catastrophic is a sensation, hearing the sound of dead leaves rolled by the wind is a sensation, seeing giant jelly fish on the beaches is a sensation, notifying lakes invaded by algae is a sensation. I imagine everywhere you look you will meet Higgs boson sensations, this is happening because we are living in the fifth universes time era.

My intention is to create a giant balloon made of chemicals and integrated counts, the reason to do so is to hold the earth from being pulled back, but this idea I will think about it once everybody recognize me as Higgs boson discoverer.
Everything is sensitive and responsive to Higgs boson rotations; acrobatic particles are essential and important to create Higgs Boson magnetic field. Covalent bonding is imminent to molecule formation, and insurrection is a major cause for the kidnapping of our universe by the fifth universe.
Contradictions in nature are remarkable; slowly and surely the white becomes black and the black becomes white, whats hot becomes cold and whatss cold becomes hot, whats hairy becomes bold and whats bold becomes hairy, whats populated becomes less populated and whats less populated becomes more populated, whats magic becomes normal and whats normal becomes magic; clouds, fires, water, cats, snakes, China, Tanzania, green sky and blue sky.
The drawing below has come to it's end, as I decided to go to live with my two kids and leave my experiment on Higgs boson behind. Make sure that there is no way back to the universe we were living in 2011, I think that Higgs boson insurrection against his claimants is completed and over.

I have a family living 2000 miles far from me and I have to join them, I leave my experiment on Higgs boson to you, and I wish you good luck.