Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Higgs Boson Insulation (1)

Insulation in physics is to keep an empty space between two different materials; I am really interested in Higgs boson insulation of our universe from the fifth universe.

multi-complex of chemicals is used to design three strips covering our universe exactly the same to an orange or a water melon, the idea here is just an approach to the real shape of our universe.

There are (24) shapes divided by six universes, to make four similar shapes; a universe, it's anti-universe, it's magnetism and it's correlation. All these universes and all these times are insulated, they don’t get mixed and each of them has it's own chemicals and particles. Inside each universe and each time there a first strip; this strip is made of all kind of alpha particles. The second strip is made of omega particles and finally the third strip which comes on the top of the second strip is made of gamma particles. Nothing can pass through these strips from inside or from outside except Higgs boson cosmic rays and time particles.

Accordingly all universes and all times are superposed one on another starting from the first universe which is the bigger one and  universe six is the smallest one, and it is exactly the same for the times. It is obvious that the universes and the times have their anti-universes and anti-times, also they have their magnetism and their anti-magnetism, and they have simultaneously their correlation and their anti-correlation. In the drawing below I would like to represent the universes, the times, the anti-universes, the anti-times, the magnetism, the anti-magnetism, the correlation and the anti-correlation with different colours.

Not only that, we already know that Higgs boson magnetic field has (2π) that means that the drawing above has a diameter of (1π), so to apply for the second (π)  is a necessity. It’s wise to make the drawing below; it is honourable to the full image of everything.

Surrounding all the universes, the times, the magnetisms and the correlations there is a last strip which I like to call “The strip of everything”, I think its more than enough to do researches and to suggest hypothesis of theories under this strip.

I would like to end my post with a remembrance of the died children in Gaza Strip, may Allah bless them all.  
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