Sunday, 17 August 2014

Higgs Boson Hallucination

I am pleased to see concentrations of clouds everywhere in the sky, this statement is called hallucination, but in order to make it real you need Higgs boson as the master piece to reverse hallucination to reality.

Many taxations are infected by increase just because fuels such diesel are less available in petrol stations, my question is why these fuels are starting to become rare? To answer to this question, a need to apply to Hamilton's principle of exclusion is an obligation. This principle is an “integrated principle”; it does consider the entire motion of a system between time one and time two”.

My point of view is that all hydrocarbons are dilating to become solid due the potential of sulfur in the atmosphere.
Sulfur + Diesel Solid Diesel - Hydrogen
S + C15H21 → SC15H15 – 6H
The chemical equation above is a good example of Higgs boson hallucination. Another example of this hallucination is that the quantity of water is increasing in seas, in rivers and in lakes. This quantity of water started to submerge streets, houses, factories and in railways, to explain this phenomenon is to look at the sulfur carbonate regeneration explained in the chemical equation cited in earlier post of “Higgs Boson speculation”

Simultaneously single sulfur atoms meet a great chance to interact with fuels; the result of this interaction is to turn fuels from liquid state to a solid one. The ejected hydrogen atoms will participate to sequester oxygen atoms to form the water molecule.

I am interested to bring to light another example of Higgs boson hallucination which is astonishing; the fig trees will achieve ten times bigger size than their normal size, not only the fig trees which will assist this huge growing but also many other trees such as the grape trees, pomegranate trees, eucalyptus and pear trees.

I am totally impressed by the wind's sound, it has a calculated symphony based on gluons synchronization building in the upper atmosphere. The combination of gluons movement and winds will create giant mushrooms made of clouds.

We have not to forget some substantial integrals which are the keystones to the building of the new life; one of the most important of them is the combination of carbon atom with nitrogen and thallium (CNT) form to abduct algae from the bed, the result is a huge quantity of algae floating on the sea surface then abandoned on the sea shores, that makes it a ready meal to interact with sulfuric acid of the rain to produce the sulfur carbonate (SCO5).

Pauli's exclusion principal has noticed that the spin is always (-1/2,+1/2); that means that all chemical elements are substituted miraculously to give birth to new ones, a good example of chemical substitution is to look at the water molecule transported from the sea to clouds in the sky, then to land through the rain. During this travel of water molecule many interactions had had happened without affecting it, orbital sharing and spin value allowed her to move and accumulate in land.
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