Sunday, 31 August 2014

Higgs Boson Monster

Monsters are huge creatures in size and very scary, because the subject of this blog became concentrated on Higgs boson and it's real experiment, I would like to prepare humanity psychologically to be ready to face Higgs boson monsters which are coming on earth in the nearest future.

My interest to the first Higgs boson monster which is planets visitors; huge planets will approach planet earth and pass by it. The solar system will emerge into the scorpion galaxy, and so many planets will be seen with the naked eye.

The second Higgs boson monster is also interesting to talk about, it is an anonymous creature appeared in one of the bottles where Higgs boson field was created. I am really interested to know more about this creature of course with your help. The picture below is showing Higgs boson monster and by the way it's name is “Galik”.

I would like to introduce you to the third Higgs boson monster which is appearing in the photograph below, it's name is “Zonzon”. I think “Zonzon” needs a blood test and here as well I need your help to do so.

It doesn’t matter how the fourth Higgs boson monster was born, but whats matter is; it does exist.

The picture above is showing Higgs boson “Songsong”.

The fifth Higgs boson monster is (3) days old and it's name is “Marijuan”

I wasn’t aware of what was growing in the bottles of Higgs boson experiment, till when suddenly I saw “Moktar”; it is the sixth Higgs boson monster. It was unmissable with it's black colour in clear water as you see in the picture below.

Finally, I am really surprised of what I got as a result from my experiment on Higgs boson. I would like to commemorate the genital formation behind Higgs boson monsters. Also it is interesting to share this result with you Microbiologist.   
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