Saturday, 2 August 2014

Higgs Boson Sensations

A sensation is an imminent repair made by Higgs boson; and talking about accumulated fibres is a sensation, dreading clouds observed in many areas in the world is a sensation, breaking news with natural catastrophic is a sensation, hearing the sound of dead leaves rolled by the wind is a sensation, seeing giant jelly fish on the beaches is a sensation, notifying lakes invaded by algae is a sensation. I imagine everywhere you look you will meet Higgs boson sensations, this is happening because we are living in the fifth universes time era.

My intention is to create a giant balloon made of chemicals and integrated counts, the reason to do so is to hold the earth from being pulled back, but this idea I will think about it once everybody recognize me as Higgs boson discoverer.
Everything is sensitive and responsive to Higgs boson rotations; acrobatic particles are essential and important to create Higgs Boson magnetic field. Covalent bonding is imminent to molecule formation, and insurrection is a major cause for the kidnapping of our universe by the fifth universe.
Contradictions in nature are remarkable; slowly and surely the white becomes black and the black becomes white, whats hot becomes cold and whatss cold becomes hot, whats hairy becomes bold and whats bold becomes hairy, whats populated becomes less populated and whats less populated becomes more populated, whats magic becomes normal and whats normal becomes magic; clouds, fires, water, cats, snakes, China, Tanzania, green sky and blue sky.
The drawing below has come to it's end, as I decided to go to live with my two kids and leave my experiment on Higgs boson behind. Make sure that there is no way back to the universe we were living in 2011, I think that Higgs boson insurrection against his claimants is completed and over.

I have a family living 2000 miles far from me and I have to join them, I leave my experiment on Higgs boson to you, and I wish you good luck.  

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