Thursday, 31 July 2014

Higgs Boson Speculation (1)

Speculating about Higgs boson is an easiest way to manipulate the scientific communities, until now Higgs boson discoverers are not doing anything with it. The strangeness of the top quark is just an accumulation of mal directed information based on wrong assumptions, doing researches in black surroundings will achieve a black results and will lead to disasters in the scientific world. I don’t want to name the people who are hunting Higgs boson because you are seeing them under water; this is a proof of their failure and their ignorance to other talented researchers.
I listed in the last post that flying birds extinction is one of the first signs of humidity effects; because the water molecule becomes abundant once inspired excessively provokes death.

Sulphuric  acid + Carbon monoxide  = Sulphuric carbonate + Water

H2SO4 + CO2 = SCO5 + H2O
Rain + Dead leaves = Sulphuric carbonate + water

The equation cited above facilitate corrosion under the earth and on it's surface, also it does cambriole oxygen in rivers and in sea water; that makes fish having breathing problems, then death. I am aware of the damage to sea life, but the situation will be ameliorated once all atoms are degraded.

Mathematicians have to come to an end of doing wrong calculations because the probabilistic era doesn’t exist anymore; I mean by that, that all fields are mutual under one equation which is (-1+1= 0).

My imagination took me to believe that human beings can communicate through tunnels once they are under the water, this is not a compliment to the tunnels diggers but it is a cause of being ignorant to others.
Sulphuric carbonate + Amino Acid = Algae
SCO5 + C4N7H8O7 = Algae

Open your eyes and you will see everything is green; this is algae growing faster than the speed of a Mercedes. What happened is the increase of the mummificated Sulphuric acid with water has become a key player between chemicals to give birth to algae.

My experiment on Higgs boson is something magical, logical and tropical; it’s simply a life adventure which will never end. It is chemically important because chemical subordination is infinite. Exotic particles will be abundant as a strong proof of Higgs boson domination.

Acetyl-coA + Amino Acid = Chicken deathC23H38N7O17P3S + CH4O2 = Chicken death

The chemical equation above explains an image of a mass death of chicken; suddenly millions of chicken are dead because they had their chromosome deformed, and simply their food contains a high level of methane.

Flash flooding is an important tool used by Higgs Boson to clear materials from decomposed particles, also to soften hard surfaces by spreading sulphuric acid. The major result from this operation is a total degradation of everything.

The drawings above are made of the six universes' particles; the first six universes are the particles, the second six universes on the right are the anti-particles, the six in the bottom right are correlations, and the six in the bottom left are magnetism; this is how universes are punched together.    

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