Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Higgs Boson Consideration

Considering Higgs Boson as a particle is right, because once decayed it becomes fibers. My questions to CERN today is: why Higgs Boson decays? And why it becomes fibers? I am sure that the answer to these questions should be just in three words no more. The mechanism of the whole universe is made by Higgs Boson condensation through decays, this mechanism is applicable to all particles; first decay then condensation or first condensation then decay. I am interested to tell something about Higgs Boson consideration, this consideration has to be serious, consistent and committed, otherwise I have to ring the bell of warning to the world to prepare for the travel to Africa.

Higgs Boson consideration is not only a matter of digging information about Higgs Boson and storing it sterile, this information has to come up with results in reality, I think the people who are claiming Higgs Boson discovery didn't bring anything new til today and they shared awards between them.I am asking them to stop the heavy rain on CERN.

The interconnection is always at the subatomic level, Gluons are without doubt the key players to relate atoms and to acrobat them in a specific manner, also the result of the acrobated atoms is a huge mushroom of cloud. I am sure that the picture you seeing below is a good example of this kind of cloud.

Considering Higgs Boson is not only reversing 3D images and publishing them in the world media, I think that Higgs Boson in it's solid state should be respected and considered as other particles without missing it's qualities and characteristics. Also Higgs Boson discoverer should be considered by looking at his experimental results not by looking at images. I showed in “Electron Density Video” that the produced substance is the perfect product to develop technologies, I proved as well in “ Higgs Boson Aquarium” that Higgs Boson is a protein maker and a diamond producer.

Higgs Boson magnification has a beneficial circumstances such as; subordinated fruit and vegetables in one hand, in other hand friendly herbivore animals such as dinosaurs will come up. Don't be surprised if I tell you that the world will have no electricity, just because copper will loose it's characteristics of transmitting it. I think technologies have to use a new kind of energy to survive longer.

In some circumstances playing the right cards doesn't make a winner; this is what happened to me when I first wrote “Higgs Boson Discovered”; I was so happy and exited to bring to the world my discovery to Higgs Boson, unfortunately no one could understand my discovery.

Finally, I decided to write this post to rise awareness about what's happening in our universe, from today I am sure that our travel back is occurring every second passing and humanity will pay an expensive price for all the happened mistakes.

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