Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Higgs Boson Sultanation

Higgs Boson sultanation is a complete assertion based on all posted posts in this blog; it is a whole foolishness of all my explanation to Higgs Boson theoretically and
experimentally. I know this explanation is subordinated by magical and extraordinary drawings and pictures.

One example of these pictures is the one below which is showing the heavy rain on CERN in which I made my challenges to the pretended Higgs boson discoverers to stop it.

Also one of the challenges is the drawing below which is showing how universe one and universe two with their times could be mirrored to our imagination.

I am really excited to hear a future recognition of my work as the best work ever of a discovery of a particle in particle physics. No one can ignore the appearance of huge depressions in the world, the picture below is showing one of them which is happening right now.

I always ask myself why meteorologists don't say something about these depressions; I am sure that they didn't see so many of them before like they are doing now; I think these people are the first to blame for their silence and their ignorance to explain the causes of these depressions.

Different times of different universes are also a big challenge to human being, I am the first person who explained the times merging and as long as my experiment is occurring there is no escape from time extension, to prove this hypothesis there are so many examples and some of them are:
The seals are heading south from the North Pole because the ice is melting; this melting of ice is happening because the time particles are getting bigger and that makes the water molecule transition facilitated from solid to liquid. Another convincing example is the humidity level which is becoming very high in the northern part of the planet earth.

Now rest to me to convince everybody in the world that I am making a real live experiment, and everybody's life is affected and it will be in the future through our universe travel back. The answer to the following five questions will achieve a high level of convictions in order to simplify the magnitude of the sun.

The first question is; how many existing suns? The answer is; there are two suns which will appear shortly. The universe has an anti-universe and the solar system also has an anti-solar system, and the sun has it's anti-sun, in our travel back this last will appear to our naked eye.

The second question is who is responsible for the anti-particles appearance? To answer to this question we have to call Paul Dirac equation. I am not telling that we will see all anti-particles, but at least we will see the second sun which is the anti-sun, it will appear to us because of it's shining photons. In spite of all the long distance we will see the two suns in different sizes; the anti-sun will be smaller by half size of our universe sun.

The third question is; how many existing moons in reality? The answer of course is two; the moon and the anti-moon, this last will be able to be seen when the day and the night will have 24 hours long each.

The fourth question is; why the totality of the chemical elements of our universe is equal to the half of the total of the chemical elements of the fifth universe? The answer is simply because the totality of the chemical elements of our universe originates from the fifth universe, this last has lost half of it's chemical elements to give birth to our universe.

The fifth question is; how many of you? Is it just you or you and your anti-you? I can tell you that you are two you; you and your anti-you because you are a particle in this universe and any particle have it's anti-particle.

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