Saturday, 26 July 2014

Higgs Boson Conditioning (B)

Conditioning is a well known metabolism inside all atoms and molecules; also it has a key role in sustaining the exact temperature inside bodies and materials. Our subject today is the most important deal of two basic elements needed to life continually. 

Talking about temperature has to be understood exactly in order to examine everything deeply, and humidity is the second element which has not to be ignored. I would like to bring your imagination to the boiling water in the kettle; this process has two key elements; temperature and humidity.

All atoms and molecules react to the temperature level, this assertion is the simplest interaction used by Higgs Boson to manipulate all the universes, also this interaction is highly required to make the travel back of our universe possible.

Conditioning is a matter of time divided by temperature; let's say that year 2014 is a year which has 400 days and the average temperature of this year is 7, that means that the conditioning level of this year 2014 is 400/7 = 57.142

I do believe that the first degraded material will be wood; don't be surprised!! Very soon you will see pieces of wood everywhere specially in docks and in beaches, not only that, pieces of metal are under activated corrosion.

Acetyl-coA is the most important substantial to open the door for the great degradation; this great degradation will really show us that our universe is travelling back. The following equation should be taken very seriously as it shows the decomposition of all vegetation:

Degradation = Acetyl-coA + Bensine
Degradation = C23 H38 N7 O17 P3 S + C8 H18
Degradation = C19 H30 N7 O13 S + C12 H26 P3 O4

The interaction between the Acetyl-coA and the Bensine is strange and abnormal but in reality its true and convincing; billions of flies will die because they are the Acetyl-coA carriers, their interaction occurs in petrol station sites. Flies are already invading petrol stations where bensine transformation from liquid to gas smells, this is a perfect example of degradation.

My experiment on Higgs Boson will show to the world that millions of new phenomena at all sides. I would like to add an unbelievable phenomenon which you will assist very soon; the extinction of all flying birds, so the image is death birds everywhere. Another last example which is the appearance of frogs and snails in huge numbers, the density of these creatures depends on the level of sulphur in any area, the more presence of sulphur the less dense the area is.   

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