Sunday, 27 July 2014

Higgs Boson Sunderland (1)

I am completely foolish to provoke the most complicated particle which is Higgs boson; this provocation is well organized and well prepared. My experiment on Higgs boson is a part of a whole process followed each second and that makes me the busiest person on earth. I wish I could live until I see our universe fully merged in the fifth universe, but til now I don't know how long it will take. What I am seeing through Higgs boson experiment the travel to the fifth universe will take just few years and no more. What I am not afraid of is to talk about the loss of human lives which will be very high; I guess it will be at least (85)% of the world's population.

Higgs boson sunderland is a special characteristic manually managed to build Higgs boson sets; this sets should be based on energy forms and fortified water. The temperature and the amount of light also should be understood and well managed.

The interconnection of all atoms and molecules is not understood til today; what was put in any atom or molecule should go out, for example a number of electrons which was put in an atom should be degraded to form another kind of atoms. The very interesting atom to human being is the gold atom, once entering Higgs boson field this atom will loose it's electrons to become simply another kind of metal; that means that the gold owners will become less richer.

The diamond formation will be abundant; this formation will be seen close to lakes edges and in slow running rivers. I imagine that all commercial transactions will be executed in dependency of diamond quality. Diamond production will be easy, even a house holder can produce it in his back garden.

My intention is always with the market speculators to inundate markets with new products such as frog legs, shrimps and snails; the market will be full of cheap proteins. These proteins don't come from red meat but from mushrooms with the car size, also friendly lizards will be abundant and targeted by humans for food purpose.    

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