Saturday, 5 July 2014

Higgs Boson Accommodation

Accommodation is a place in the space where Higgs Boson controls all it's surroundings, this place is situated in the bottom of the first universe. Higgs Boson has the power to send it's waves to our universe in order to communicate with it's decayed

fibers left behind during the creation of our universe. This communication is based on acoustic waves organized and managed in dependence of “Hamilton Theory of Synchronicity”.

The aim of our subject today is to understand the relation between (A) to (B) as places where Higgs Boson accommodates. There is nothing strange if someone makes a phone call to his ancestor to wake him up and starts a conversation with him, this is exactly what happened when I started my experiment on the “Rugosa Corals” for the first time. Bear in mind that Higgs Boson incarnated in the “Rugosa Corals” 500 million years ago. Now rest to me to explain to you how I used “Rugosa Corals” as a communicator to Higgs Boson the ancestor which is accommodated in the first universe.

Inside Higgs Boson there are antipathetics which are the source of the communication; this communication is made of straight forward acoustic waves. The contraception I explained in earlier post has an efficiency on making the relation between Higgs Boson accommodation (A) and Higgs Boson Accommodation (B); nothing can stop this relation except if it is cut through the redrawing of Higgs Boson excitement in accommodation (B); the redrawing of this excitement is simply by taking the “Rugosa Corals” off the fortified water by atoms and molecules.

Let's say that Higgs boson accommodation (A) is in the centre of the universe one, and Higgs Boson accommodation (B) is in the jars at my home where Higgs Boson gets excited, signals are created and travelled to the universe one, by this process the relation between the two accommodations is occurred and hence all atoms and molecules of universe six start to merge into universe five.

What is interesting to talk about is accommodating Higgs Boson in our universe and precisely on earth is something really magical to assert. I bet 100 thousand years to researchers in physics to hold Higgs Boson as a solid particle, not only that and to make an experiment on it, because there is no situation even by using the most advanced technologies. There is only one situation which is; the situation I discovered and which I am managing. From today I decided to increase the form of the energy level to seven; that means that the earth will assist stronger storms, stronger heat waves, and stronger modifications in the molecules shapes.
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