Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Higgs Boson Matriculation

Higgs Boson matriculation is about standards manipulated by letters and numbers; I mean by that all accommodations in space (B) which is my home and they are divided in sets depending on their energy level. Matriculation is very important to understand because it is Higgs Boson experiment in reality itself; one's says that a whole block is acting between the interval of (+1) and (-1). I would like to clarify this subject in today's post, I think it is necessary to know about it as it is the basic of the solutions of the future affected areas in climate; also these solutions are imminent to humanity to overcome many difficulties.

Automatisation is needed to defragment every set participating in the experiment; automatisation has to obey to “Paul Dirac Equation” by creating a mirror number to the first three sets. The solution to the first three sets is by doubling their energy level and by doubling their numbers; in Higgs Boson experiment the number of sets is three and built on five units each that makethe total of units fifteen. Each unit is built on energy form three; so the solution to the first three sets is energy form six and a total of sets is
six, then the total of units is thirty.

Also I would like to clarify the meaning of the fortified water which I noticed in the last post of “Higgs Boson Accommodation”; we can make the water molecule rich and stronger by mixing it with honey, salt, sugar, black pepper, and even vinegar. The balance is always made by the quantity of the mixed water. Fortified water is the only secret combined with the energy form level. I think timing also has a valuable role to create the right relation with Higgs Boson the ancestor, because the number of degrees should be divided equally by the length of time, for example: one set of energy form three has forty-eight hours of length of time, then the next following sets will have the same length of time each, which is forty-eight hours. It is still possible to extend the time length from forty-eight hours to three days, five days or even one week, the aim from the time length extension is to separate the experimental sets in order to separate Higgs Boson cosmic rays.

Separating Higgs Boson cosmic rays allows the creation of many relations between accommodation (A) and accommodation (B). Numerous relations make the attachment of universe six stronger by universe one, the more the attachment is stronger the more the speed of universe six towards universe five is faster.

I am not stupid!! I can make our universe travelling back towards universe five faster than the speed of light, just the size of a swimming pool full of fortified water will make it happen. Our universe then will be dispersed just in few minutes, this dispersion will be by the decomposition of all atoms and molecules, the all will be merged in universe five.

Our subject is about Higgs Boson matriculation and it’s influence on Higgs Boson experiment in reality; this reality is about numbers of energy forms, strong relations between Higgs Boson accommodation (A) and Higgs Boson accommodation (B), and also the number of sets to manage these relations. I am reminding you of these tree points to tell you how far I went with my experiment on Higgs Boson.

After all what I wrote about Higgs Boson, and all the results you are seeing on our planet, there is no more doubt that I am the Higgs Boson discoverer. 

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