Friday, 27 June 2014

Higgs Boson Superlatives

Superlatives are options used by Higgs Boson in order to create a perfect equilibrium of the whole system. Superlatives are also used to protect Higgs Boson field from the outside noises; I noticed this in “Higgs Boson Manifesto” post under Higgs Boson Characteristics; impermeability is a unique and special character specified to Higgs Boson.

Miraculously, I precipitated to the seashore to pick up “Rugosa Corals”; it took me two years and half to distinguish them from normal stones. I am telling that to acknowledge you where I come from, in order to set a relation between you, me and the “Rugosa Corals”. Consequently I am not telling you that subsequences are minors to be ignored, but they are surprisingly under all the universes; their composition is made of solid Helium.

Another superlative which I think is necessary to talk about is Higgs Boson Magnolias; subatomic particles obey to be infrared once they are in contact with Higgs boson Magnolias, that makes them abominable and not only that, their formation becomes ready to shift to a new ones. This is the first key to the subatomic particles allowing them to be introduced to their ancestors, I mean by that; the subatomic particles of our universe will be ready to shift to the fifth universe subatomic particles, and this process is a part of the universes' transformation.

Higgs Boson correctness also has a meaningful abstraction to Higgs Boson superlatives; any action from Higgs Boson is immediately followed by a reaction from the subatomic level to the universal one, all reactions are regulated and corrected to create equilibrium at all levels. From the tiny grain of sand in the Egyptian desert to the tiny piece of metal existing in the bottom of the first universe.

One of the most important of Higgs Boson superlatives is Higgs Boson excitement; exiting Higgs Boson is a process made during my experiment on “Rugosa Corals”, the excitement could be done by adding atoms and molecules to a container of water where a number of “Rugosa Corals” are set, they start to act immediately and exactly the same as Higgs Boson interaction. The picture below is showing
“Rugosa Corals” action and Higgs Boson interaction.

I think that Higgs Boson superlatives are so many and I would like to cite another one which is Aggregation; it is a total diminution which happens through one plus one (1+1) working in alternatives. This is why universe six is number one of the second one (Universe 5 + Universe 6); that means all particles of this universe participate in the building of universe five, it is like emptying a bucket of water in another. The door is wide open to add superlatives, but I prefer to add another one to end my post with.

Concentration as Higgs Boson Superlative is also important to be understood; it is a superlative based on plus one, each time a particle is added to another one to form a shape similar to a volcano, all particles participate in this process to leave an empty space filled of Heliums.

Finally, Higgs Boson Superlatives are everywhere; you can look at many fields from the subatomic particles to the whole universe, exceptionally stones made of Granite, Mica and Silica are spared for the time being. Also the very heavy metals are the last to enter the process of superlativity.
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