Thursday, 19 June 2014

Higgs Boson Negation

A superconducting material has always a double function; insulating and semi-conducting, that makes diamond a perfect material to isolate any system all over. The hypothesis I am suggesting today is about the roofs of all universes which were suggested in earlier posts. Today's post will take

us to an inspirational idea which has all the supportive evidences; the idea is to manage a whole system from inside without making any damage to it, this operation is called Higgs boson soustraction.

All orders are made during the transformation steps; I mean by that; that the destruction of atoms and molecules comes before their reconstruction. The equilibrium has to be made in order to establish a fully completed system. Because our subject is about transformation of our universe's time which is time six to diminish and becomes part of time five of the universe five, I think the need to a soft transformation inside an equilibrated system created by Higgs Boson is a solution. The transformation is happening now, and I am the only one on earth who can manage it and can make the switch of our universe's time to the fifth universe's time correctly.

I think it is wise to look at time transformation deeply and to look for it's evidences on earth; Mauritania and Niger are hiding the secret of time transformation; all decomposed chemical elements will end there due to the existing flux under the oceans and the seas around the world.

Sulphur has an important role in time transformation as it is the only chemical element which has ionic elements. Time particles have more ability to move around inside the sulphur that makes transformation speeding, the time transformation is always manipulated by magnetism once the whole system is settled for a new shape, this new shape is always under a transformation to have another new shape, this operation is called the travel back from the sixth universe to the first universe.

The interconnection between time six and time five is controlled by magnetism which is a negativity carrier. This negativism will absorb all our universe back; the mixture of our time universe particles with the fifth universe's time particles will result to the expansion of time particles, that means that the age of molecules will be twice longer than the current age. I think that to understand the age matter is by looking at the age of the full moon to develop will be 27 to 29 days instead of 13 to 15 days.

Age matter is a phenomenon strictly related to time and the calculation of age will be very very confusing, and the world has to be ready to face this issue, mathematicians have to come with new formulas to calculate even how old they are.

Tornadoes will explain to us why they become stronger and in huge numbers, the situation here is integrated from a catastrophic aberration made by Higgs boson. The aberration I am talking about is super-positioned from the first universe to our universe, and the link between the two universes is made by Higgs boson cosmic rays. The starting point of these cosmic rays is my home then they travel around the world to the solar system to the whole universe, then they make their way to the fifth universe, then to the fourth universe, then to the third universe then to the second universe and finally to the first universe. I think that Higgs boson cosmic rays are ten times faster than the speed of light, that makes them more powerful than any other rays.

As usual decayed particles must obey to Fermi Dirac law, Coconut corporation has to come over it's decayed product by selling it's shares before it's too late. Particles' decaying is a major incident which happens during merging between our universe and universe five.

We haven't to ignore time particles' decaying, it has a same and a joined process to particles' decaying. It is also the most difficult phenomenon to understand in astrophysics; here I am trying to make a simple approach to time particles' decaying by the drawing below.

Not only that, a simple imagination can lead us to understand time particles' decaying.

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