Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Higgs Boson Conclusion

In this post I am really interested to talk about Higgs boson in a different area from astrophysics, it is a tiny area which is Higgs boson within nanotubes. Nanotubes are the most efficient material to build any object from the microscopic tool to a plane.

Here I come with sophisticated techniques to build nanotubes. Maybe someone will ask why building nanotubes? I think a passoire is needed to soak cooked vegetables, cooked spaghetti, or cooked rice.

All atoms surrounding Higgs boson become it's weapon to manipulate the whole system. Accordingly my suggested theory is about how is possible to prove that all systems are built with groups of nanotubes.

I am lucky, surely I found Higgs boson hidden within the “Rugosa Corals” and I know it is strange to you but nothing is strange in physics.

Concerning the diamond I started to produce is really the highest concentrated diamond never produced; this is not only makes me rich but also less richer people will be granted to wear pure diamond. Also I would like to join the diamond club to set new rules about the diamond trading, the old fashion seeking diamond under the earth will come to it's end, anyway this is not important than Higgs boson itself, when I remember my first day of my research, I could never imagine that I will be in this position now; a position that matters to everyone on earth.

By simplicity, I am honoured because I believe in my ideas, in my visions and in my hard work, as I said in more than one occasion that belief is more important than imagination and more important than intelligence. I still believe that I discovered Higgs boson, and I proved it in many occasions, I am sure that the whole world will come to me to beg pardon, but it will be too late.

I am totally aware of what's happening to the world climate from China to Japan and also from Oslo to Madagascar. Winds coming from Japan will end in China, and winds coming from Oslo will end in Madagascar. This is the world's climate new order for the time being.

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