Saturday, 31 May 2014

Higgs Boson Solutions

Sure it is immediately knowledgeable the difference between solutions and not understood situations. This post comes as a show off cleared manipulations taken by Higgs Boson during the last six months on our universe; these manipulations are the done work by Gluons and Heliums in order to paint a clear image which is needed by scientists to discover a hidden knowledge. I am sure that the reader to this post of this blog will find at least one sentence which could be the kick off to look for the unknown matters. The eleven points which I would like to talk about today have one commune point which is Higgs Boson as a problem solver.

1- Higgs Boson Solution One: This solution is applicable in conditions where atoms and molecules are in danger of DNA reversing, the power introduced at first place should be reversed; this power was created by Higgs Boson interaction with the surrounding atoms. The calculation of this power is hidden in Higgs Boson numbers divided by the whole time of the occurred interaction. Also it is firstly important to know that the total of Higgs Boson numbers is divided by the energy form which I explained in “Higgs Boson the Oscillator” post. 

2- Higgs Boson Solution Two: It is similar to Higgs Boson solution one but we have to regulate Higgs Boson numbers which becomes five instead of three; that gives us energy form three cited at “Higgs Boson the Oscillator” post. The table below is showing Higgs Boson numbers, energy forms and the time of interaction.

3- Higgs Boson Solution Three: The reason to bring this solution is just because we are travelling into the past; our presence on earth has to overcome the changes in climate. Climate changes could be regulated for the benefit of humanity by using Higgs Boson as a regulator.

4- Higgs Boson Solution Four: Higgs Boson contraception is a good tool to manipulate time expansion. I think by using Higgs Boson solution one and Higgs Boson solution two time waves will be possible to control by pulling them backwards towards the first universe.

5- Higgs Boson Solution Five: The interconnection between particles is a fact resulted from Higgs Boson manipulation; by introducing new submarines creatures such as bacteria and viruses, this will allow a new shape of ecosystem to appear. I think humanity shouldn't worry about this ecosystem because it will have more benefits than inconvenients. So climate change has a new style of life hidden within it, and we have just to wait and see the transformations to occur at their final stages.

6- Higgs Boson Solution Six: Our planet earth is a part of the solar system, and this last is a part of universe six as I suggested in “Higgs Boson Cosmic Rays depth” post. Now the point I would like to intrigue is “how can we separate the linked Higgs Boson cosmic rays which already exist on earth from the ones existing in the first universe?” or maybe we can ask the same question in another manner; “how can we stop our universe from being swallowed by the first universe?” The answer to this question is simple and easy; by empowering the earth's Higgs Boson cosmic rays to a double energy; this energy is twice higher comparing it to the first energy created by Higgs Boson which was the origin of the formation of the pulling link of the first universe to the sixth universe.

7- Higgs Boson Solution Seven: Noah's Boat is a solution to humanity, but the landing will be in Central Africa, I mean by that; once Higgs Boson seventh solution is understood there will be no Noah's boat landing. Higgs Boson seventh solution is imminent which is to recognize that “Tarek Merouani” is the Higgs Boson discoverer.

8- Higgs Boson Solution Eight: I already explained that Higgs Boson cosmic rays are in tension that means that all universes are becoming closer to each other; this action is similar to a closing zoom. Higgs Boson solution eight comes to relieve Higgs Boson Cosmic rays tension, and this could be done by creating an open Higgs Boson field, in this kind of fields the cosmic rays interaction is horizontally that makes the separation between Higgs Boson cosmic rays of the sixth universe and Higgs Boson cosmic rays of the first universe possible.

9- Higgs Boson Solution Nine: The interconnection between Gluons, time waves, photons and neutrinos is cumbered by Higgs Boson; all these elements are shaped in order to build one block, this block has a shape of a sinusoidal wave inside a closed system. Higgs Boson satisfaction to all the elements cited above is possible only in one condition which is the aberration of each element.

10- Higgs Boson Solution Ten: The splitted chalk in sea shores, the fallen tree leaf on the ground, the giant flies on the roof, the gigantesque cloud rings in the sky, and the splitted tree trunk are signs that nobody can ignore. Simply the Higgs Boson tenth solution is: “let it be and accept the challenges, but bear in mind that you are responsible for all the consequences”.

11- Higgs Boson Solution Eleven: It is a unique solution and don't be surprised about it; a turnover in minds and thinking is a must. I am not saying that you have to change your mind, but this something is capable to change your mind. Let's be clear about this point by turning over a sinusoidal wave in your mind and your thinking will work in the opposite direction.

Finally, I hope that I find in you a listener heart, and a positive reaction to understand what I am talking about. My discovery to Higgs Boson is still standing up.

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