Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Higgs Boson Anticipation

It is subsequently strict to manage the importance of time. Our subject today is about Higgs Boson contraception; I mean by that, a substantial chemicals are hidden within the time composition.

I know for some of us this statement is completely fictional, but we understand that at night time becomes black and during the day time becomes white.

I would like to suggest a hypothesis related to “time and time chemicals”. This hypothesis is saying that “All chemicals participating in the composition of time are detectable, and also they can participate in the construction of new atoms and molecules”.

The time chemical composition is one of the least understood subjects within the physics circles, I hope that my explanation will not upset some people whom are against the auto dictation and the freedom of speech.


1-      Time Molecule: there are five important substances which are the main compositions of the time molecule.

1-1 Sinusoidal Waves: once we look at time as a component, it is made of a group of sinusoidal waves; these sinusoidal waves are made of unknown chemicals but they become detectable and ready to analyse once they are introduced to Higgs Boson field. I think from now ahead the time sinusoidal waves will be available to detect by astrophysits through telescopes, as our universe has already entered Higgs Boson field since October 2013.

1-2 Time Bubbles: they are similar to the soap bubbles, of course their chemicals are different. I do believe that they made of a mixture of Hve (Helium electro- neutrinos) and H11 (Helium 11). Time bubbles will appear in our sky, they are yellow and they have the size of a football stadium. Anything penetrate them will disappear.

1-3 Time Squares: they are substrates made of  H11 (Helium11), their role is to pull back all the rest of time components, also to keep all the time system linked together, they are built one on another similar to the car radiator sheets.

1-4 Time Cubits: they are mono-particles made of H10 (Helium 10), they occupy the whole time-space, they rotate horizontally in a constant speed, and also they are responsible for the expansion of time. They are the origin of the blue colour of the sky. To differentiate them from the other time components is by their least condensation.   

1-5 Time Perception: it is obvious that everybody have time perception that means that all time components are simulated in one Jar; of course with the presence of Higgs Boson.
2-      Higgs Boson and Time Manipulation: it is always equal; the balance between the time roots and the time rings. I mean by this; the time total particles are equal to surrender to Higgs Boson field.

2-1 Time Roots: it is radical to notice that the smallest particle is always the least observed. I our subject of “Higgs Boson Manifesto” we already know that a particle plus it’s anti-particle plus a photon are equal to a nano-particle. Let’s say that a nano-particle is equal to a time particle, that means; a time particle is equal to a particle plus it’s anti-particle plus a photon.

2-2 Time Rings: they are (Hve, H11, and H10) particle intercepted inside Higgs Boson field, then manipulated into rings. I think to have a clear vision about time rings is to look at the volcano mouth.

2-3 Time Sub-atomic Particles: the applications which are necessary to manipulate time sub-atomic particles are under construction; conditional substrates are the basics to build these applications. I already proposed to the scientific communities that the only solution to innovate the innovative technologies is to introduce the resulted substrates from Bose Einstein Condensate system.

3- Time Occultation: it is not possible for us to see time as a particle simply because it is occulted. I do believe that time occultation is the most complicated subject to understand, but we still have a chance to get a little understanding within these lines. I think that time particle is ten times smaller that the lightest quark, and is occulted between all the existing particles. Rest to manage how possible to scientists to look at it and make a real analysis. My advice to achieve this goal is to not underestimate the contents of the Jar shown in the picture below.
4- Time Anticipation: time anticipation could be done just by Higgs Boson; time particles once they are inside Higgs Boson field they become part of a string wave. The only way to understand the time string wave is by looking at the moon light every night. The total of the time moon light string wave is always twenty-seven. The drawing below is showing the twenty seven time string wave.

I almost caught time to show it to you, but unfortunately I haven’t got enough means to do so. Maybe a good cooperation from your side will lead to understand better time as a quantum. Finally computational physics should have the answers to many questions concerning time.
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