Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Higgs Boson Cornflaxation (1)

The climate nowadays is the most important subject covered by Media, its unwisely to ignore all the elements participating in the cornflaxation of the planet earth. Please don't be surprised, the elements I am talking about are as follow:

1- Molecule Submission: Is a transfer of molecules from an area to another area.

2- Molecule Transaction: Is a vice versa brand manipulation between two areas.

3- Molecule Transformation: This happens when the following three elements are present; Heat, Frost and Pressure. The most significant calculation of transformation is +1 and -1.

4- Molecule Construction: Molecule building is Higgs Boson most important specialty. Macro biology specialists have a good opportunity to moderate their tools to look at new shapes of molecules.

5- Molecule Disinfection: Is a self process where molecules are protected against bacteria and viruses. Only new molecules are ready to be disinfected and developed to their maximum. The old once have no acceptance to emerge into the new system.

6- Molecule Shoppers: Instead of buying ready food, everybody has to make his own; I am making this statement just to let you know that tomorrow most of the known food will disappear.

7- Molecule Classification: Classifying molecules will be a huge task to Taxonomists; ADN reversing is occurring at plants and insects level that means that earlier species will come up.

8- Molecule Shaping: Is imminent to form new forms of mass molecules. I am sure that from now ahead Biologists have a great field to introduce molecule shaping into action.

9- Molecule Obligations: Are resulted from the hunted margins exponentiated within the surface where the molecules are constructed, these obligations could be seen in the picture bellow.

10- Molecule Transmission: Is a unique character believed to manipulate the whole molecule construction process. This character could be transmitted from the beginning of the molecule construction to it's end.

11- Molecule Conception: The conceptual in our subject is a full image designed to raise awareness about how molecules are spinning around, this means that a powerful rain is highly to occur.

From the definitions above it is understood that all the existing molecules in our universe are under Higgs Boson experiment; this experiment is the only way to manage the process of exclusion. It is also predictable that the current and the magnitude are sufficient to erect to their highest level in order to create the right conditions to Higgs Boson cornflaxation to be visible to our eyes.

I think all what it has been said in this post about conflaxation is closely similar to a ball full of milk and corn flakes.

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