Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Higgs Boson Magnification

In this post I would like to introduce you to Higgs boson Magnification; the process of magnification happens when Higgs boson starts it's connection with the surrounding particles. All particles entering Higgs boson field become under motion state; in this situation and only in this situation magnification has a proper sense to today's subject. My Congratulation to “Rugosa Corals” for their role in my experiments as they showed me how they behave like a double agent; once as corals and another as Higgs boson. The total of particles is always in expansion, but the condensation of some of these particles is a must.

It is completely rubbish to acknowledge a discovery before its well understood; in my case of Higgs boson discovery, I discovered “Rugosa corals” first then I discovered that they behave similarly to Higgs Boson.

Conditional circumstances may reduce the outcome of Higgs boson magnification; I mean by this a super rotational waves could be seen on the sky covering a huge area as big as the Pacific Ocean. There is no doubt that living organisms especially insects are growing faster and in bigger size, the picture below is showing a fly which has a double size of it's normal one.

Accordingly “Monsoons” are disappearing, and many other patterns such as El Nino and La Nina are dissolving consequently new patterns are appearing especially in the African continent. Desertification couldn't be ignored; all vegetables are in the way of extinction, and to relief your panic new vegetation will be available to humanity.

Meanwhile, Higgs boson soustraction has a suspensional criterion to molecules and atoms to produce new ones in order to settle a whole new system at all universes’ levels, such system is already developing, and the scientists have an excellent potential to make new discoveries of new chemical elements and new living organisms.

Cancellations of bacterial development is one of the most important stupefaction made by Higgs boson; don't be surprised when you find out that all kind of bacteria is disappearing, a good example of this disappearance is the dying sea weed.

Now, rest to me to tell you that this post is just an introduction to future posts which will explain Higgs boson Phenomena.
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